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Dear {!firstname},

I have had people asking me over and over when are you going to do another teleseminar? So here it is. I’m going to do it. You get to profit from it.

First I have a question for you?
I want you to ask yourself these questions.

Do you want more from your life?
Do you wish you had more support?
Do you feel you never have enough time for you?
Do you always put you at the end of the list?
Do you feel overwhelmed by your life and not know how to break the
Do you wish you could lose some weight, mental, physical, spiritual
but haven’t had the desire, motivation or tools to so so

Please answer these truthfully. Are you truly ready for more? Don’t just saying yes with your mouth. This requires a “YES” from your entire being?  A cheer!

Are you truly ready for a better more Divinely ease filled life?

Only if you say Yes, Yes, Yes to this do you get to attend this free teleseminar on Getting Your Essence Back.

In this hour I will cover.

Revealing what the #1 most important component of getting your essence back is.
5 tools you need for this adventure
7 areas of your Revealing life that will be most positively
effected by this change.
3 of my best secrets of how to thrive in challenging times. (trust
me I know them)
7 keys you will get in enable you to make these changes permanent.

If you are ready to sign up go here.

The call will be 6pm pst 9pm est April 25th if you sign up you can get a replay which is good till midnight pst on the 25th.

We have a limited number of people who can be on this call so sign up ASAP to assure you your spot on this all important supportive call.

With Love and Blessings

Gurutej Khalsa

Tweets & Short Post

Are you ready to succeed from the inside out? If your yes is really loud then go here

When is your pain of not having time for you going to allow you to say yes to something better?

You were not put on earth to suffer but to excel relish your vastness. Ready for that?

What is keeping you from releasing the things that are weighing you down? Enough pain? Ready to change?

People have asked me to do another tele-seminar for ages so I have finally been in the country longs enough to do it. Are you ready to join me?

What if I told you that you could be happy, your could be healthy and weigh less, you could have joy and happiness in your life? Would you say yes or what’s the catch? Join me and find out how you can get your essence back in  a free tele-seminar with Gurutej.

Are you ready? For what? For love, for happiness, for time to do things for you, to Get YOUR Essence back? If yes join me

Pain is a great impetus for change. sometimes we forget that and just stay in the pain place. Ready to claim more joy and happiness NOW? Join me in a free teleseminar Get YOUR Essence Back

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