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I asked to see through the eyes of God

That sounds like a pretty big request, yes? First I want to set the stage. I was at our morning temple service on my daughter’s would-be 38th birthday. Yet it was on her birthday that we did that dance together. I wanted this day to be as vast as the first one was. Yes, it [...]


I love my beautiful body

We have these wonderful units that have all these moving parts that long to be activated. There is no one way to move her/him. Just move them in gratitude. Today at the beach we played in and with the waves. Delicious. Yesterday I rollerbladed hills doing my 11’s from Jap Ji, delicious mantras and blessings [...]


I am joyous

This is innocence. For innocence can just jump into joy at any moment with no self-consciousness. Joyous is not a thought-out state, but a state that springs from being connected to your essential self. A state that is yours. It belongs to you if you will cut your restraints and resistance. Are you ready to [...]


I am connected

What are you the most deeply connected to in your life? Not attached to, but connected to? What person? What situation? Please close your eyes and sit with that knowingness that comes from this connection. When you are truly connected you are experiencing your true emotions. Emotions are the voice of the soul. True emotions. [...]


I am priceless

Party Time. You are priceless. That’s all I really want to say. If you are feeling anything less than this, say this meditation:  “I am bright, I am beautiful, I am, I am.” It will feed your pricelessness. Do things for you that feed this pricelessness. Do things you love that feed you deeply. Then [...]


I am fed

This is on all levels. We will talk of food, but I want you to know that you create unhealthy feeding habits because you don’t feel or experience being truly, deeply fed. What needs to be fed within you most deeply right now? Start feeding your depth and you will experience feeling deeply nourished. Ah… [...]


I am not my habits… or am I?

You think you are. You hold on to your perspectives as if they are the gospel truth. Do you have beliefs that were given to you that no longer serve you? Maybe never did. Inspect your every belief and find out if you need to upgrade them. You form habits from beliefs. Habits are actions [...]


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