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What does this next year hold for you?

Right out of the gate, it is a 6 year. That means it is the year of the Shaman/ Priestess — the visionary part of you. You will need to feed that part of you deeply this year. A 6 year is about allowing truth, not just your truth but The Truth to lead you, [...]


What If You Truly Had the Support You Need?

What if you truly had the support you needed to make the shifts you truly long to make in your life? I’m not just randomly asking you this. I truly want to know. In this wonderful holiday season, much can be lost and much gained. Would you give me a big gift in understanding you [...]


Thankful: Be prepared to be “in the flow”

This is the mantra for the astrology of now. Be in the flow. How hard is that to do anytime but it’s even more challenging during the holidays. Yet is this a state you want? If yes, continue on. Recently I got to attend a memorial of a very dear soul, Carol Ann Suzi. I [...]


Sugar I love you. Sugar I hate you.

Do you ever feel this way? The push  and pull of knowing you “shouldn’t” yet having that deep attraction like a bad relationship? I saw the best article this morning. It talked about how to eat your sugar mindfully. I loved this. The suggestions were simple.      Eat slowly and taste each treat.   [...]


To be or not to be ancient and…

Still true, yes?  To be a light and dress yourself inside and out as if your going out into the world mattered. I had a great reminder of that. I went to the farmers market this morning before teaching class. I usually let my clothes talk to me and tell me what to wear. Guess [...]


I asked to see through the eyes of God

That sounds like a pretty big request, yes? First I want to set the stage. I was at our morning temple service on my daughter’s would-be 38th birthday. Yet it was on her birthday that we did that dance together. I wanted this day to be as vast as the first one was. Yes, it [...]


I love my beautiful body

We have these wonderful units that have all these moving parts that long to be activated. There is no one way to move her/him. Just move them in gratitude. Today at the beach we played in and with the waves. Delicious. Yesterday I rollerbladed hills doing my 11’s from Jap Ji, delicious mantras and blessings [...]


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