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I am fed

This is on all levels. We will talk of food, but I want you to know that you create unhealthy feeding habits because you don’t feel or experience being truly, deeply fed. What needs to be fed within you most deeply right now? Start feeding your depth and you will experience feeling deeply nourished. Ah… [...]


I am not my habits… or am I?

You think you are. You hold on to your perspectives as if they are the gospel truth. Do you have beliefs that were given to you that no longer serve you? Maybe never did. Inspect your every belief and find out if you need to upgrade them. You form habits from beliefs. Habits are actions [...]


I am clear

This is the best. This is your birthright. To be clear means you can hear. It means you can connect. It means you are present. For true clarity means you erase the chatter, the chaos that follows you around. Clear is bright of eyes and heart. It means you have nothing to lose or gain. [...]


I Was Blessed…

I was so blessed. As many of you can imagine, Mother’s Day is not my easiest day of the year. But this year, it was majical as I got to teach. I got to be with a lot of new and some wonderful return students, teaching about the Moon Centers. These majical 11 centers are [...]


I See. I Believe. I Know. I Am

I See. I Believe. I Know. I Am As I was walking in the mountains of Patagonia, I was rather lost in thought when an SUV passed and the man inside yelled, “Walk in the middle of the road, I just ran over a big Rattler.” That snapped me to attention and made my walk [...]


Wow! We Are Amazing!

Wow! We Are Amazing! Today, I was at the airport and one of the reasons I love terminal #1 at LAX is the art. They have great upcoming artists. Today, I was not attracted to the main exhibit. It was all black and white and seemed very dark, but I went to explore it anyway [...]


Oh My! What you have missed? PART 2

Oh My! What have you missed PART 2 Back from a rollerblade. Today, the birds were really talking to me. The hummingbirds were chasing everything smaller than crows and playing wildly across the road back and forth, reminding me of the joy that is ours for the claiming. Humming birds are known as “joy” in [...]


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