Getting Ready?

Aren’t we usually getting ready for something? Sometimes it something really big and sometimes just the next day or moment. Getting ready really means we aren’t in this moment otherwise it wouldn’t be called getting ready. It would be called summoning energy or clarity or awakening to ……. Getting ready means we need something more to feel prepared for the situation. What do you feel you need more of to be ready for sinking into the essence of why you are really here?

I realize people are here (meaning this place we call Earth) for very different reasons. Some came here to see how much they could accumulate, some came here for revenge, some came here for a moment and some for 100 + years. We work our way towards the infinite at different speeds, from different angles. We get attracted and distracted by different things. Then you get a big wake up call usually of the unfun variety. Looking back we are greatful to that person or thing that was so mean, heartbreaking, hateful, disrespectful, degrading etc that they forced you to look at yourselves to shine the light in or on you. You  can keep it out and stay in the addiction pattern of blame and complain or worse.

Breaking addiction is about looking, with support, at things we have always just thought “why that is just part of me, of who I am.” We get to find out it is but it doesn’t have to be there. There  are better things to do with your energy, your life, you life force. “May the force be with you.” Really is a great saying. Your life force is precious and priceless. You can squander it, hoard it, understand it, learn how to work with it and so much more.

In times of stress we tend to be more prone to go for a quick fix. The Sugar, or alcohol, or drugs or sex etc. A friend of mine told me today she was in her first third world country and arrived just in time for a mini coup as the election was approaching. “The workers were revolting and breaking glass on the roads, the drivers were chewing beetle nut (no it isn’t India) which is a narcotic and opening their doors to spit out of it every 5 minutes.” She and her husband were freaked. When they got to the hotel her response is I’m going to the bar for a drink (she rarely drinks except for wine) her husband asked shouldn’t we meditate or something. We have choices all the time in what we want to do. Being in a third world country for the first time can be disconcerting and disorienting. I always say check your brain at the airport when taking people to these countries. Why? So you can look with different eyes. So you don’t expect it to be what it is not. So that you can see beyond what seems to be happening and have the wherewithal to do protective chants and simultaneously get inside the heads of the protesters.

Fear is holding what you believe to be true of what a belief should be in the face of another reality. It is supposed to be just what it is and when you really accept that, you can know if you should bless it and defend, or you bless it and accept it,or bless it and move away, or bless it and stay. Know blessing the situation allows you access to the inside of the situation because you become part of it. Priceless. Bless both your Friends and Enemies.

Know you are usually your biggest enemy. How do you become your biggest friend and cheerleader? Here is one very effective way. This can give you tools to get you back to know the inside deal of you so you can then be good with the inside scoop on whatever. You have a base a platform for life. Priceless.

The power of your Sovereignty

The Power of your sovereignty is the most important aspect of your life. Everything else will follow that. Following your grace is power. Following your knowingness, deep knowingness is your right as a hueman being. Being Sovereign doesn’t mean you get to be a king or queen yet it does mean just that. That you become royal within your own concept of you. Following your grace and your dignity are somewhat foreign concepts to us. They are also priceless concepts for they mean you honor yourself and you are not for sale on any level.

Sovereign means that you have an acknowledged domain that you are in charge of. Being in charge of means that you oversee it. Oversee, to see over it. To be the guide for that which is influenced by this territory.  You get to serve that which is part of your soverign domain. Service is a privilege. Over serving is burn out. Not knowing how to serve creates hollow instead of hallowed huemans. Over serving is you hope someone will take note of ALL you are doing and love you or compliment you or somehow acknowledge you and the ALL you have done. That is not real service. Real service is you show up and do what is needed and then you quietly leave. There is no fanfare and awards for service if there is it is not service. There is another name for that. FAKERY!.

Being aware of your domain of influence and treating it with awareness and kindness means you accept the mission of your domain. Being Sovereign means that you claim your regalness not for you but to add grace to the world in the way you speak, the way you move, the way you eat, the way you care, the way you drive and act. The world is starving for regalness. We try to bestow it on our movie stars they cannot carry the mantel. We try to give it to someone but it is truly meant for you. Step up and claim the mantle of regalness. Claim your sovereignty and let it become your touch stone. Are you acting in a way that will uplift others? Are you looking through kind and compassionate eyes at even your enemies? Remember you cannot kill anyone unless you love them. Otherwise you create huge Karma and get to come back and find them and only to be killed by them. Compassion allows you to do whatever needs to be done in grace without losing your essence. Karma is created whenever you lose the soul connect. Keeping that soverign connection is what this is about.

Keep up really means keeping up the connection to your essence when you want to let it go for whatever reason. You choose to keep it up. Keep up means when you are down you call someone who needs to be uplifted and you feed them soul food. Your soul will expand. Your domain will expand. Your sovereignty will be spread about like the vapors of grace which hold it all together.

Love and Blessings



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