And You?

And You? We all want other people to care about us. We all want others to recognize what we have done or are doing for them. We have  very Earth plane desires to be recognized, loved, heard, and yet what are our deepest desires? Just the opposite. How can I love more? How can I see both the seen and the unseen more clearly? How can I recognize the greatness and neurosis in others and be attached to either?

This is the very definition of a great life. One where you see the other as the Divine. Where you treat them as such. Yet this is challenging because we have our wants and our desires. We have our thoughts on how things should be and how they should be said and how we want them to feel. All good but limiting. The real question is how often are we willing to get out of our own way to see things in a great depth from a more vast perspective? Then the real question is how can we do this?

The fastest way I know is breath. The fastest way I know is breath mixed with motion and chants. To change the state but even more than change it is about draining the dead energy out that creates the disconnect and bring in the vastness of breath that creates clarity of mind. Our clarity of mind is directly connected to our breath. Want a stale upset mind just make your breath shallow and you to shall be so. The reverse is also true and much yummier state to live in.

Please give yourself 5 mins to try this and see what happens. There is more where this came from. This is part of my Mental Clarity DVD. Use it and see the greatness of you and those around you. Manage yourself so you can manage others with grace and vision.

Wahe Guru love to you.



Sometimes we don’t pay attention

Today I heard the mockingbird calling

Very early

He was speaking differently

He called,

He listened,

He waited,

He responded

To that unheard sound

Upon the coming of the light

He returned to his usual repertoire

Like all regular mockingbirds

Hiding his call of the Beloved

For the velvety darkness

Reserved for the moments before the

Breaking of light.

Wahe Guru. What have you noticed today? Have you heard the sweet smack of the Beloved kissing on you?




The most interesting question

Today I got to host an IRS Agent in my home/studio. He wanted to prove that I was lying to the IRS but he could see that I was not so his last question to me was very unorthodox. After divulging that meditated he asked. Are you trying for Liberation? I said, “No” Which shocked him. I then said, ” God doesn’t want to be hunted down. He/She has not gone anywhere only our consciousness screens that vastness out. I want to experience the vastness in each and every moment.” Awaken to what is. Awaken, Rise up within yourself and see the unseen. Then it will become known and revel itself to you. Then happiness will be your state instead of anxiety.

It really boils down to what you want and how much you want it. Can you stop for one moment and just take stock?  Not what you are told to want or what society thinks is valuable but what do you consider the most valuable jewel in your life?   Do a simple sipping breath like you have straw in your mouth and drink in your own deliciousness. Knowing what really drives you from the soul out will give you angle feet on the ground. This will build your compassion with others but most of all with yourself.

Get passionate. Get people who are courageous, visionary’s and have vast fortitude to build with you. Utilizing the  group energy is where it is truly at now. This is not a conquer it alone. But create it for all to become one.

1. Have your fearless vision

2. Make it juicy and alive or alove which is what I first typed

3. Create your team (attract your team)

4. Be willing to laugh through the odds and the evens that will surly present themselves.

5. Dharma is the journey of the soul in the action of the life. Be patient and preserver. Wahe Guru


Blessings and love to you.



What to do with uncertantity?

There is enough uncertainty going round these days to sink us all. What are you doing with yours? Uncertainty is part of life until you are completely merged with the divine. We don’t love uncertainty and do our best to mitigate it. Here are some suggestions of how to work with yours in these massively uncertain times.

1. walk around doing break breath ( inhale in 4 parts and exhale in 4 parts through the nose or mouth)

2. Chant use this sound current that can balance you by the action of the tongue playing with the meridians on the roof of your mouth. Har Har Har rolling the tongue across the roof of the mouth wakes up the pineal, the thalamus and hypo thalamus glands it will give you a clear head and juicy you.

3. Uncertainty makes our stress level go up and glandular system tank. do tapping with tight fingers across your entire chest especially on your thymus gland on the right side of your breath bone. ( you may feel a tender spot ) do it 1 min.

4. do this clear your head.

5. Take walks in nature

6. know what feeds you and do that. (oh not junk food) The bad food is a big tendency during uncertainty.

7. watch your words. Act as if they were jewels. When stressed we get quick and sharp do O breath to get you back. Make an O out of your mouth and inhale and exhale from that beautiful opening.

Then let me know tips and treats you have to deal with uncertainty.



Energy VS Drained

There are many components to having energy. Here are the tops stealers.

Sitting forever without getting up and moving to clear head and heart

Eating things that don’t feed you (fake food)

Being around people who steal your eenrgy

Drinking Caffeine and then more caffeine

Want great energy breathe, Try this.

Have Great healthy live food to eat

Drink Green tea instead of the coffee monster or monster caffeine drinks which give you liver problems and heart racing.

Clear minds can relate. Create great relationships have space for the other.

Wahe Guru


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