Sometimes surprises are the best.

A truly simple thing. Today I made the best lunch. I am usually a good cook but recently it has been hit and miss. I’m really just wanting something I really want to show up in my Fridge are you ever that way? Well I have to share this wonderful 2 minutes lunch or dinner with you. I tool one container of Organic Tofu (always organic especially when using corn, tofu, potatoes, tomatoes they are the most genetically modified foods around) and cut up one large preferably sweet onion and steam it then add this to put great organic mixed greens I got mine from the farmers market and my back yard dress, mix, eat. Delicious, sustaining, protein rich and very digestible. God it was good. One bowl. I feel comfortably full, clear, and creative. How good is that. Share your perfect lunches.

Such an amazing time is it moving fast enough for all of you? I have been going back and forth from vacation offline to full on speed of light and then with grand kids back to warp speed. Good things have come from warp speed. I have been breathing and doing yoga during the day. Sometimes not getting a shower till late in the day. One of the joys of working at home. No webinars are not my best thing. Love having my hyoga mat by my desk on the way back from the bathroom I dive on to it for a few minutes. If you can’t do this get the flip charts and take them with you to the bathroom. It may add 3 mintues to your bathroom break but it will add 30 -60 minutes to your productivity.

I have much to give great thanks for  you, my children, Keith, my dear friends, my support people, my Dharma, Are you ready for this….. Bulletin: My membership site is finally ready to serve you. Wahe Wahe Wahe Guru go register get your free ebook, a month of content FREE and then connect with me about topics you need covered. I love this interactive thing it allows for premium connection.

My book is finished cudos to Lichen my book angel. Getting it printed sooon as I hear back from meanwhile you will be able to access the ebook option by next week. and  very exciting. The two things I know are the corner stone of our existence here energy and relationships get to launch in one week. Personal Sustainability and A slice of the Beloved. What amazing timing the Universe has. I was sure this site was to launch on it’s due date end of Oct but it turned out to be an elephant and needed another 7 months. It is cooked and ready for you to be nourished. Use them both and then comment.

don’t forget about “Do you want your Skinny back” you can still get it online too  It is an amazing journey and we will have a date sometime this fall for a workshop. I am traveling so much Sept and the beginning of Oct. that it will have to be the beginning of Nov. Save the first Sat of Nov. Try this meditation to calm down during the day. Inhale through the mouth sucking in the sound Wa Hey in a whisper and exhale Guru in a whisper. Truly will transform you in moments.

Must go final edit the text only version of my book so you can get it sooner than the book should you choose. Relationship support. Who doesn’t need that. I will have to write volume two after I have been in my relationship for years with tips I have learned along the way of doing it well. Trust me I have done it not well. Two conscious people make it so much easier. Also learning from all things that don’t work. I want to pass this all on to you. One thing I will say. All problems in a relationship don’t belong to someone. The assigned destination no matter who seems to be voicing things or “going” through it is the collective YOU. The situations belong to you both. One gets to be the container the other the content mover. When you get that all blame leaves.

So many great events in the next few weeks please check out the event section and then show up my dear ones. Wahe Guru all love to you.




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