Tips to Enjoy the Holidays: Turn Your Challenges to Diamonds

Enjoy the Holidays - Yoga Tip 1 from Gurutej Khalsa

Tips to Enjoy the Holidays: Turn Your Challenges to Diamonds - 

I have a pet peeve in blogs. Technical blogs are supposed to give you practical tools but spiritual or inspirational or uplifting blogs don’t have to. They just tell you the “what” without the “how.” There are pathways defined but now also tools on how to avoid or work with the rocks or the monsters on the path.

I want to breach that model and create another that does give you tools. This is the time of year that is marvelous; a time to be thankful, spend lots of time with family (or not), and have expectations galore. It’s when commitments, the how-do-you-deal-with-all-the-pulls, and all the stressors abound. In spite of these, you’ll still actually be able to enjoy these Holy/Holly Days.

Each Week for the next 40 days (6 weeks till Christmas) I will give you 1, yes, one tip that can easily be incorporated into your life so you can enjoy this time and not feel drawn and quartered.

Turn your challenges into Diamonds.  It has been said that your challenges brighten or bring light to your lives and prosperity expands your life. Working through suffering is not something that happens quickly. Do this one thing and it will all be good. There is no instant pain relief that doesn’t cause pain on the back end.

Here is something that will help you but you will need to create some silence in your life. Find solace in the bathtub, bathroom, closet, or take a walk by yourself even if it’s late at night—just make sure it is a good neighborhood. You can find a way if you want to.

Good news is if you do this one thing every day when you are going through challenges, they will reveal the vastness they were set up to reveal to you. This is going to seem just too simple:

Sit quietly and ask your suffering, what is to come from it to teach you. Then be quiet and listen. Then listen some more. The asking part is easy, the listening, not as much. But the best way to enhance that is to be open to hearing what will give you patience, allow gratitude, imbue you with humility. This won’t be an immediate ah-ha but it may. This is for 40-days minimum. You give yourself these 11-22 minutes of quiet. You can drive in silence and listen. It is the listening that will quiet the mind. You can’t be doing things other than driving and that is not at the top of the list in silence for this part. Why? Because your mind will focus on what you are doing and not on the question you asked.

Don’t fear challenges. Be present with them and they will give you the present you have asked for. Stay tuned to the next post which will shed more light on the subject and into how this all connects to the rest of your life.

Wahe Guru Love to you,

Gurutej Khalsa

Time, Space and You

Time and SpaceTime, Space and You

Time is the earth unfolding. It is an agreement of guidelines for the earth interactions. I always remember how time-challenged Pritham was. She had her own time/clock and if she could help it she was staying true to that.

I remember when Beverly Hills High school called me and said Pritham was late for every class even though she was on campus. Could I help them get her to class on time? I laughed—not the answer they were expecting. I shared what my mornings were like, getting her out of the house so her brother and cousin wouldn’t always be late for school. They called me back a few days later and shared this story: “We called Pritham in and told her that we would dock her a full grade every time she was late for a class and her response was, ‘Do whatever you have to do.’” They were freaked out and didn’t know what to do.

What’s the lesson there? Don’t ever give threats you can’t keep. Don’t threaten people with things they aren’t afraid of. Time is somewhat agreed upon by most of us. It keeps you grounded and on track. You look at your calendars to see what time you have appointments, to schedule your days, to try and separate the various aspects of your lives.

Space. It is the ether part of our lives. Do you schedule time to be in space? They say spacing out is very necessary for brain function—one of the top 5 things. We have curiosity, humor, deep sleep, spacing out, and fearless action. Even more nourishing than spacing out is meditation. One does not exclude the other. They both create space. Aren’t you always asking for more space in your life? You want more space to live in, more physical space, more space in relationships, etc., but what you really want is the spaciousness within yourself—that vastness that allows you to realize you are on the earth but of the ether. We need both aspects to filter through your “I am; your “I am-ness.”

Think of all the space movies and operas on television. These reflect the longing to know and be more connected to the vastness that is the universe; the known and unknown. We want to know the unknown, but mostly we look to others to tell us what is out there. Go there yourself and beyond.

Meditation/Chanting is truly there to take you into the spheres beyond time and space. First, you must go into the spaciousness of space before you can go beyond it.

The best way to get vast and connected is to:

  1. Have the desire to know and befriend the unknown
  2. Take the time each day to grow those muscles by spending time meditating
  3. Chant and play with the Essence of the Divine.
  4. Look at that percentage of your day you devote to your vastness.

This will feed the “I am-ness” of you. Then, you get time and space to serve you. Both of these aspects have vastness. Time is horizontal and space is vertical in their directions of vastness. When you feel fear, try this mudra. It will reconnect you to the vast essence of you.

Fold your ring (Sun) finger and your middle (Saturn) finger into your palm and press them down with your thumb. Do this on both hands, allowing the first finger (Jupiter) and the last finger (Mercury) to extend out, straight. Breathe long and deep. This will take you deep quickly. Do this often, 3-5 times each day for 40 days and then share what it has done for you.

Watch more quick yoga exercises on my YouTube channel.

Wahe Guru. May vastness encompass you.

Gurutej Khalsa

Do you know?

Do you know what you don’t know? Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. We only REALLY know when something blows our world apart. Then we say I didn’t know that or I didn’t know I could feel like this or I didn’t know it would have this much impact on me. This is when the known and the unknown collide. The combustion that happens inside us often renders us devastated, “on a super high,” or weak and weepy.

Be willing to be with the unknown each day. To invite the unknown in. To open up to where you can disappear and that which can flow through you. I know the unknown is moving me and moving through me revealing more than I think I can ever know. Let this be the rule for the explosion and exploration of all that is.  Be fearless and also willing to face the fear. The unknown encodes our fear because it is not within our grasp. Stop grasping and open. Wahe Guru will come and make delicious juice of you.

Love and Blessings



Starting? Ending?

When you meet something difficult the first law is break it down and then just start. Sometimes you just need to start it to get over the intimidation factor. There are a few things that help you to start and I am not speaking of planning. Some people can stay permanently stuck in the planning stages. So plan but then get a move on it and jump in.

It’s never as hard as it seems outside looking in as it is when you are inside the task whatever it may be. It is like jumping off a high rock or a high dive. If you just go do it after seeing how deep it is below you are fine if you stand there and plot and plan chances are you will talk yourself out of it.

The difference between starting and completing a task is you can’t complete anything you have not started. Ending or wrapping up a task a project or a relationship all take skills. You need to pull all the lose ends together and make it come together or apart. You need to have the reasons for why it needs to be this way and they need to be clear and concise.

I heard this program yesterday about companies pitching investors. They loved this one company because they told of the huge numbers in  that industry so they would entice investors, they said it was cheaper than all competitors, they said it was stronger and best but not best to investors they said it was very light on the environment. Think this at the beginning.  Don’t lie just do things you are passionate about even if they aren’t a big industry.  Ask why would you do this and who will want this. At the end what pain have you solved? Why would people be glad they bought or used this product or service etc.?

Everything needs a beginning or start point and an end point. See the end result before you ever start the project, the creation of a product, or a trip. What do you want to get out of it and what need does it fulfill? Then start with gusto and know when to wrap it up.

Bryan Eno Always said less is more. Give enough to make people come back for more of what you are giving so you can start again on something new and exciting.



Go Dark!

What does this mean? Not advocating going to the dark side even darkness craves light you. I am advocating unplugging yourself every so often so you can experience you not plugged in.

What prompted this? I saw something this morning that asked really good questions like are you afraid of the future? Do you have enough courage? Is 2012 scary for you? Then you got to the promised video you had to sign in okay then it was a dumb reading of a power point written message only, your couldn’t fast forward it? you couldn’t leave the site? It was scary.
This is scary 2012 is not. Let me know what you think Thank you

I want to help you with things that will help you. I offer them to you if they are for you you will know when you see them or listen to the free video or audio that is attached to the program. I refuse to sucumbe to the fact that holding people captive and withholding what you siad you would deliver till the next time or purchase.

I want to offer you things that will put you into a place a power so you are not adding to the fear of the future but you are part of the solution, the soul tion. I want you to be connected to your power, to your knowingness, to your energy so you can uplift all around you.

If you want a really wonderful time to unplug and meditate for this change that is now taking place it is not waiting for a date. Join me for our 11-11-11 trip to Macha Picchu the video will take you to youtube but go back and read all the amazing spiritually nourishing places we will visit.We will get to spend a week together. Wahe Guru

Deep Love and Blessing


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