coming down to the wire

As I approach the wire of anything I realize it could mean death by electrocution, it could mean slipping under the wire, it could mean taking a deep breath and flying over it. The wire usually means something intense will transpire at the wire. A death of something old will end at that wire. I realize I have died many times before. Little deaths, big deaths the only real question is did it bring me closer to my essence or push me further away? The fear factor freezes us in a particular time and space usually not all that yummy. So the real question is how can we review the coming down to any wire in our life? I will tell you what I am doing as I approach a live wire in my life.

This particular deadline is my daughter going to MD Anderson to get her diagnosis. Is her cancer in remission or is is still active? If it’s still active they are going to strongly recommend two things.

!. Still  heavier medication that is new and really untried.

2. a bone marrow transplant

Neither of these interests my daughter for she has done her research homework. She only decided under lots and lots of pressure that she would succumb to  chemo to stay alive. It was just supposed to back the cancer into a corner so the real healing could take place.

Real healing has taken place all along the way trust me. So much has been honored,resolved, dissolved, and solved. Now we stand at thee brink of this new reality. What will she choose to do? How will we handle whatever diagnosis comes? Hell yes and heaven yes we want and are holding the blastingly bright vision and prayers that remission it is. Wahe Guru. Yet we still must stare the beast between the eyes and prepare for “What if that is not the case?”

We talked this week deeply and I told her of my strategy which I can only speak for myself. I have soo humbly and unhumbly learned that little and so big concept of only speaking for myself. I learned this right along side of the fact that this in not about me. NOT NOT and still sometimes I falter with this one. I said, ” I want to say that whatever happens I will look for whatever options need to be looked for given the feed back we get.” They can only tell us what they find they cannot tell us of any real outcome. I will not buy that their outcome is all there is. You have hundreds of people praying and paying for you to be healed. I hold that vision no matter what anyone else says. I hold you in my deepest heart. You have inspired millions yes truly millions and none of this has been in vain. (I wrote vein here ) We do want the veins to have healthy red yummy, clean, clear blood running through them.

So all this being said and felt and meant I ask that you do hold her in the light of all lights. Chant for her. Pray for her. Love on her. Look at her picture and send her light. As her mother I can ask you for everything. As Gurutej I can tell you that all you give will come into you not at some distant time but as you do it. Give light and it will give back. Give love and yours will grow and flower and overtake your life with a vastness you can’t even imagine. Thank you from the deepest of places where the mother and The Guru (one who removes the veils of darkenss) come together as Tej (the speed of light). This is paramount to me and paramount to all who are part of my world. It is practice we will get many chances to use these skills later so lets develop truly deep and delicious ones now. Nothing is lost. Allow all to gain.



Inspired by Ga Ga

Lady Ga Ga has a great voice but so do a million other people. She has figured out how to dress fabulously on all occasions and not care who “likes ” it or not. Most of all she has a message of hope for her “monsters”. Believe in yourself. See who you are and be the best of that. My rendition is God doesn’t make defective products. She admits her weaknesses. She admits that she is insecure and neurotic just like her fans. She does grass and whiskey to feel high. She doesn’t know what you do. Only you can fill you. Only the power of your word, the chants of joy can fill this void we all feel that is the longing for the divine.

What inspires you? What makes you want to shout for Joy ? What makes you feel like dancing inside and out? What makes your cells dance?

I got to have an incredible week with my inspiration. This last week I got to spend with my daughter. She allowed me the privileged of being with her for her last Chemo. Something she was not looking forward to since her last one had such long lasting effects. I got there early in the day and Keith met me at the airport.We do what all vegans do first head for the health food store so we can stay healthy, wealthy and energetic. We got our things and then filled Pritham’s wish list. She wanted me to make my famous green soup and Keith to make his even more famous cornbread. He went with blue corn this time, Organic of course and it was stellar. He landed up making two batches while we were there. I had called my brother to meet with us for dinner but lost him in the flexibility realm. Translation: Pritham changed the time 3-4 times can’t remember. She had Chemo it ran overtime and her friend was driving her and they were talking and didn’t have the most direct trip home. Translated ….lost. then needed some exercise. So 7 turned into 8:30 pm dinner.

We got to have Dinner with Megan, (her friend from peace corps) Mercha,(her person in her life no other title) And Pritham. It was sweet but she was exhausted after her 8 hours of treatment yet her sweetness innocence and delight shown through. Next day we met at the new Treatment center so much better than the last chemo factory. She wanted to do prayers before starting so Keith did a Native American chant, I chanted to Guru Ram Das and did Ra Ma Da  Sa Say So Hung, then she said a prayer. It was deep and lovely. She slept some and then we had a meeting with her doctor all the while hooked up to fluid drips. This doctor was so much better than the last one. God having to navigate school, her treatments  both Alopathic, and alternative treatments plus finding new doctors Wahe Guru and She got A’s in her courses.Who is this being I am fortunate to know.

This Doctor was such a cutie. Came in in dream shoes about 4 ” heels tiny and very on Pritham’s case. She hugged her, she cared and she was competent. All things I had not seen in her last doctor. That nite after her treatment Pritham went for a nap and then a run with Megan and taught an OMM (Osteopathic Manual Manipulation) class. She was a great teacher and guide. At the end of the 2 hour session one person said to her. ” I hope your grandma is better.” I said to Pritham, “What was that about. (she has no living grandma).” She said I told them there was a family medical crisis and they just decided what it was themselves.” Interesting where we can go with suggestions. We then went out to dinner outside because she knew she was going to be house/bed bound for the next few days. Phoenix is not the mecca of good foods. I got the best because I ordered the salad but the dinner was outside and delightful.We got to be together.

I could go on and on but I will say she is my inspiration in so many ways. Our time together was sweeter than it has been since she was very small. It is very challenging seeing her go down. To see your child going through this treatment that takes you both into the underworld most interesting and like all epic journeys instructional and exhausting. I got to meditate allot, Chant, make green juice, clean bathtubs and do laundry, change beds and whatever else was needed. Mostly to just be in all states and phases.

Keith was the best. They have a wonderful connection and he is very tuned in about when to let her and me have some time alone. Keith and me had one very fun bunny siting walk around the campus. 16 bunnies total and wondrous plants of great desert beauty and the aromas of some of the trees was pure enchantment.

The journey is not over . She will know on July 25th how effective the chemo has been. Till then she with the blessing of her Oncologist she will be starting her alternative therapies between taking courses and studying for her Medical Exams. I will get to see her again in August. Wahe Guru She is giving us all a chance to meditate, chant, pray more. Are you taking advantage of that? The real question is what do we need to make us call on God in joy and delight instead of our give me list. Call on God’s name Wahe Guru. Play chant CD’s to remind you. Meditate get any of my programs to assist you. All DVD’s are now digitized with full transcripts. go for it is supports you and Pritham or go to

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All love Blessings


Miracles do you want one?

God I just returned from such a majical trip. Teaching you get to see into the souls of people. We usually keep the masks abounding but when people feed their souls they get so gorgeous, so radiant, so open that I was blessed to walk into the inner corridors of their beings. What a blessing. To see souls all over the world who really want vastness. Who really want to be juicy. Who really want to be cracked open and dance in that delight.

I was treated to be in London for spring. Watch the daffodils dance is the breeze all yellow heads bobbing. The forsythia bursting for along with myriad of unknown or unnamed gorgeous plants that come forth to say life is abounding. I got very very close to a HUGE HUGE pink really pink not just sorta pink pelican in Hyde Park. As people snapped away with cameras and phones I got really close to him. He totally unconcerned just preening and cleaning.  Even more delicious than this was the dance through the hearts of the students who continued to grow in number as the weekend progressed. They flew in from Israel, from Northern England, from France from the inner call of their souls. I fell in love with each and every one of them.

I got to stay with Mer and Michael whom I adore. Mer for her innate joy and mischief and Michael for his deep service and unabashed love of Mer. Now he has to service his body so he lasts or Mer will be so upset with you if you get old and stoggy to soon as will I you are too priceless to lose out. We all need to take care of these bodies. Remember no one ever said at the end I wished I’d spent more time at work. The regrets are I wish I’d spent more time with my loves and passions. Even Yogi Bhajan said at the beginning ” Eat less , Sleep less and meditate more.” At the end he abridged that to: “The Day is broken into three parts. One part for sleep and meditation, one part for work, one for being with the people you love doing the things you love.”

On to Prague one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Fell in love and had this crazy realization at the women’s legacy museum of what my mother meant when she used to proudly state that she was French, Bohemian and German. I was part Czech. I always thought she wished she was part of the Bohemian or part of the beatnik scene far away from her 6 demanding children. I felt I belonged there and taught from inside the hearts and souls these people. Plus if I had my one person to have dinner with it would be Vaclav Havel here is something he has written but imagine having a poet for a president. Not only a poet but a visionary he is beloved and hopefully when I return I will get to meet him in person.

“There are no exact guidelines. There are probably no guidelines at all. The only thing I can recommend at this stage is a sense of humor, an ability to see things in their ridiculous and absurd dimensions, to laugh at others and at ourselves, a sense of irony regarding everything that calls out for parody in this world. In other words, I can only recommend perspective and distance. Awareness of all the most dangerous kinds of vanity, both in others and in ourselves. A good mind. A modest certainty about the meaning of things. Gratitude for the gift of life and the courage to take responsibility for it. Vigilance of spirit.” (Havel upon receiving the Open Society Prize awarded by the Central European University in 1999, tr. Paul Wilson)

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Deep love and Blessings

Wahe Guru to you


Perfect Gift?

What would your perfect love gift be? No not just for Valentines day but if you could have your three wishes what would they be? Really think about this just give yourself a couple minutes to ponder what you really would like to say. What do you need to feel complete, loved?

Now I want you to take that knowingness and see how you can give that. For there is a great rule that is: give what you want the resonance of it will find it’s way back to you. We all have a resonance, a sound current. What is your current sound? When our driving force is based on only we want and need we have a very whiny emanation which is the driving force to keep people away. What are the attracting currents? You know them they attract you too. Love, compassion, kindness, hope keep going add your top 10!!!

Give these away. Once Audrey Hepburn said, “You have two hands one to take care of yourself and one to take care of others.” I say you have two eyes both to see out and the third one to see in. You have two feet that can walk towards or away from anything. What needs your coming towards and what needs you saying good bye to . Intuition is seeing both and knowing the difference. Kindness is seeing yourself in everyone you like and the ones you don’t. We are the greatness and the grossness. We are the battle and the lovefest. What are you building more of in your life at this moment of conscious love on this planet. This month of love awareness, the Aquarian wake call. Love is the way always.

If you want to be taken care of take care of. If you want to be loved, love. If you want to be upset it is a set up. If you have always been the caretaker allow it to come back. I read this beautiful Rumi poem the other day and this is a paraphrasing of it. Your grief for what you have lost lifts a mirror up to where you are bravely working. Expecting the worst you look up and see the the joyful face you have been wanting to see.You hands opens and closes and opens and closes for if they stayed always open or closed you would be paralyzed.Life exists in the contraction and the expansion like the beautiful symmetry and coordination of bird wings. Read this and realize that you are in need of feeling the grace of giving and the joy of allowing others to give to you. Receive with wonder and you will be showered with blessings. Give with fullness and grace, blessings will be bequeathed to those who are willing to receive.

The time is now now is the time. Blessings Join me for all that is.

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Have you lost it?

Have you lost your mind yet? If not why not? These minds that we think we can think with are really ours to give away, to give up, to give in, to surrender so we can live from a much deeper place. The place that allows us to see beneath the agreed upon seeing. The knowing that allows us to know beyond time and space. The Grace that allows us to say yes to what is.

Today my beloved partner got to the airport to go visit his father and spent the day waiting for a plane to be fixed in Atlanta, then to be fixed again in Albuquerque and finally they were told it would leave at 3am tomorrow, then that it would leave at 7amtomorrow and they were given discount vouchers for a hotel near the airport. He could have wined and complained about the misery of the situation but he accepted it. he took it in stride. Think of all the things that are that we fight against. Some you are thinking there are things that  need to be fought against. I agree but first we must, yes must totally accept them or we cannot see clearly a way to shift them. It is the acceptance of what is that allows the shift not the butting up against it.

Martin Luther King Studied Gandhi and the peace movement before he even knew what he was going to do with it. He just knew it was the right way to do things. You can say yes and look what that got him and Gandhi. It got them much. It got them immortality. It got them knowing that this was the way to break down barriers, this was the way to release the separation, this was the way of things to come. They needed to be part of what could be. They needed to be part of a bigger dream. We all need to dream.

When we stop dreaming big dreams. When we stop knowing we are the one that can create change. When we stop seeing better ways to uplift and help each other. That is the sad day not having dreams that are vast in nature. Keep your dreams expansive. Keep your heart expansive. Hold the entire Universe within yourself and be held by the Universe.

How do you do this best? Let us share how we do this. I use my yoga mat by my desk to call me away so I can clear my head and feel my heart it beats very fast upside down and that is my favorite position. I have chanting music that I love ( and it changes) playing so I can let it impregnate me. I laugh allot and roller blade hills to feel the space in my brain mix with chants I do and people I get to meet in the neighborhood. I set myself for the day and the life by meditating first thing each day and last thing each day. I hold each of you in my heart of heart and feel you, I bow to your greatness and your dreams may the grow vast may they all serve each other.

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