Winter Solstice: Where Darkness Holds the Birth of Light

Winter Solstice LightWhere Darkness Holds the Birth of Light -

There are Winter solstices for us in the northern hemisphere and Summer solstices for those in the southern hemisphere. What do these mean to and for us? Answer: That we get to give ourselves some time to be in and with our darkness, fearlessly trusting that light begets darkness and darkness, light. They are encoded within each other. We are often afraid of the darkness and even more afraid of our darkness. Darkness is what keeps us on the move, filling our life so we don’t have to face and, yes, embrace our darkness.

Darkness is the holder of pain. I want to tell you that if you want joy, you must be willing to accept pain and sorrow. Not to live there but to dive in and see why this is part of us.

How to use the pain and sorrow to show us our deepest gifts

This time of year seems so jubilant and celebratory, yet it also has this deep internal calling to be fearless in seeing the container of darkness that holds the first light—your light. This time of year, which is very much a celebration (and now very externally celebratory) was not always so. Long ago, it was the time to get ready for a prolonged darkness, prolonged isolation, a prolonged time of cold and being with self.

The 21st day, which is a 3 in a month that is also a 3 (1+ 2), is showing us that this is a time for the neutral mind, a time to feed the projective mind, a time of seeing the trinity of everything; how the power structure of things is a 3. A 3-sided triangle is the strongest of all geometric forms. More and more people are sleeping under triangles, using them in healing, using crystal triangles for the double function of sound and the power of the triangle. So this 3… what does this mean to you? Ask yourself what other parts you need to incorporate in your life to utilize this 3; this most powerful of the minds—your neutral mind—your 3rd body which is your projective mind, your 3rd chakra which is your solar plexus/navel where you digest your life, connect to the world and, also store your emotions.

This is a time to be with what you have been carrying and see if it suits you. Does it fit like an old suit? Is it outdated? What do you want to impregnate with this birth of light?

This is such a powerful time to see what needs to be offered into the darkness, which is the womb of the Divine so there can be space for the light that is coming to shine through you.

We do some amazing rituals on the Winter Solstice. They come to and through me while in meditation, like when in deep water meditation. The sounds I have been with are the wind, the ocean, the birds and chants. Very little speaking, listening to what is being given. You want to connect with what is coming though for it is given for you so you can be reborn with the space for light radiating through your vastness. What stands in our way is often the strengths we have created to get others to love and accept us. There is a deeper strength which some of us access consciously every year on the 20th of December.

It happens every year so you always get the opportunity to participate. Don’t miss out being part of this community to be fed deeply so you become the light receptacle you are meant to be.

Wahe Guru love to you,

Gurutej Khalsa

I Had to Laugh…

I Had to LaughI Had to Laugh…

I have been in search for a summer purse and I have very specific criteria:

  1. That it makes me happy looking at it.
  2. That it will go with my summer shoes. Right?
  3. That it has a magnetic closer. I don’t seem to use either zippers or any other kind of closures and that lead to content dumps.
  4. That it is not expensive. Those are easy to find even in the discount stores. I have worshiped at their altars but refused to take them home. I don’t want an expensive one because I find I use a purse for six months, maybe a year, and then I want want something else and pass it on.

This is setting the stage for my encounters while exiting my preferred discount store. By the way, this store really rocks in the purse arena.

Now there were these two young men in shorts and t-shirts in front of me. Ages? Hmmm, I found out in the course of our conversations that one was 41 years old; the other, younger.

So I was standing in line with my prizes. Yes, I actually found two of them that would cover all my summer shoes. The older one turned and said, as if we were long lost friends (which I found really sweet), “So have you made up your mind which one you are keeping?” I looked right at him and said, “Yes, both.” He said, “Both? I don’t get womens’ purses. What do you actually carry in them?” I looked into mine and started sharing what was in there with him.

The conversation went on for a couple more minutes and then he turned away then turned back and said, “You know you are really beautiful.” I laughed. He said. “Why did you laugh when I told you you are beautiful. You are you know.” I said, “Because I’m twice your age.” The other guy said, “You’re eighty.” I said, “Not quite, but I am 64 (fudged by a month). I have a child your age.” He said. “I don’t believe it.” I said, “Yoga” (this was not a deep explanation group). They laughed like they didn’t really believe that nor me for that matter. Then it was time to check out.

While checking out this very beautiful woman from Ethiopia (found this out by speaking with her), asked me if I was a senior citizen. I proudly said, “Yes.”

I got a discount.

Just think. If I had gotten all impressed with a 41-yr-old telling me I was beautiful and trying to hit on me then I would have gotten depressed by the cashier asking if I was a senior citizen. By just being part of the flow I just got to take each for what it was, an invitation to connect. An opportunity to shed some light into lives and let them share their light with me. It was all delightful and I got much more than two cool purses. What wonder did you collect today? What wonder did you share? It’s not too late.

Deep Love and Blessings


Yellow What?

When I think of yellow, I think of sunlight dancing, daffodils, sunflowers, chiffon, my favorite doll dress, fields of wild flowers, lemons, golden berries, eggs sitting in their white dresses, and dancing skirts of yellow swirls. Yellow may be a power color, a primary color, but it is also the “power of happiness” color. It is the “wake up” color, the burst-forth-with-energy color—your navel and mine.

Yellow is there to uplift and give your Energy with a big E. It is bright and alive; it wants to dance with you. It wants you to get out and dance with life. Paint a wall yellow in your living space and see what happens. Wear a yellow blouse, tie, scarf or, yes, even a skirt, and see what happens to you and your day. Yellow will not let you sit still but it will make you delightfully happy at the core of your being.

Look at the things that are yellow in your life, your surroundings, how do you feel around them. What do they tell you? What do they give you? Yes, I want you to tune into this color for it is springtime somewhere, right? The crocuses are bursting through the snow, giving hope. Yellow will help you be aware of energy if you pay attention. Make it the focus of your attention today. Don’t be a yellow belly.

When we say someone is yellow, it is not a compliment. It means you are a coward; you live in fear. Here is something that is actually an antidote for your fear. Let me know that you have made friends with this meditation, meaning you must do it for 40 days and then tell me if it works. Just 11 minutes for starters and don’t be afraid of this commitment. Lose fear and gain love. Yellow is both the dance-upward and downward color for which the Yellow Chakra Pillow can also be a support tool.

Love you, in Juicy Yellow dancing embrace without fear. Jump into that which will give you light!


Light, lite, lit Which are you?

I had a realization this morning while teaching. Out of my mouth popped this,” How can you be a light when the load you are carrying is so heavy?” I realized that each moment we get to choose anew what is more important our light or our load. Here we are at this precious time of year we call Solstices. Precious because it beckons us to get really connected. We do, we connect with everyone but ourselves.

Winter Solstice is the feminine Solstices we reach the darkest moment on our side of the  planet. We sometimes also meet our own personal darkest moment here. We think it is our families, the stress of the holidays, or here in Southern California the fact that our foundations and our roofs are not  faring well in this incessant rain. Truly it is none of those. This is the time of year to sit in darkness with your own darkness. We usually like to run away from or distract ourselves out of being with our own darkness.

So interesting that only in darkness can you really see the light, literally and figuratively. The birth of light on this planet and your own desire to have your internal flame lite is happening very strongly right now. You can work with the forces at work here and donate some time to just being with you or you can stay super busy and miss the opportunity that the universe is giving you so you can get lit.

A light, a star, a sun, don’t just pop into being they take millions of years to create or at least to be seen by us. Your light will grow as you are willing to be with your darkness. Tell you a fun story. Millareppa was sent off to a cave by himself by his teacher to face his fear. One day after meditating he heard loud bells and clanging noises accompanied by a truly awful steanch. He knew it must be connected to him becasue he was out in the jungle away from everyone. He went to his cave door and there they were a band of what we would call tattered monsters today. Scruffy and scary looking. He recognized them as his fears but wondered what he was supposed to do with them. His teacher did not tell him what to do. He decided to greet them. He bowed and said, ” Welcome.” Half ,yes half of them, vanished. So he decided to follow his instincts and invited the remaining ones in to his cave. Again they reduced in considerable numbers. So he asked them to please  sit  down another bunch “poof”. Only 3 remained. He then said I will go make tea for us. two more gone. When he returned with tea they were all gone. If you want your fears to vanish be kind and compassionate. Ask what then what they came to teach you. Don’t let them tell you tales of past. Tell them “Right now what have you come for? No digressions right now.” Then listen deeply very deeply.

Once we stop retreating they loose their power and the light starts growing. Once our pain gets to ginormous we are willing to change do something we might have thought of as weird. We need enough darkness to feel the mystery of the feminine. We need enough darkness to truly witness the birth of light, the light, our light, to dump the darkness we are being stifled by. Waking up for the light is being born again . Compassion is reining and we get to see it, feel it rejoice in it. Dump the load, your load and let yourself be lite.



All we need is love

Some days this is easy to find and some days oh my God it is so far removed we cannot seem to dig it up from our chest. Lost heart. What do we say to someone when they feel that the ground is falling out from under them? Have heart. This also means when you want to punish someone who we feel someone has done us wrong and someone is trying to save us from that move they may say have a heart. We all need our hearts. We all need out hearts open no matter what. It is scary to travel this life that way but not nearly as scary as traveling with a closed shop. No one gets to share in your vast array of priceless merchandise.

To love when things seem so difficult is called grace. To love when things seem hopeless brings opens unexpected doors. To love when the pressures are immense make us great, gracious. Loving when things are easy and juicy is lovely but to love when there seems no reason to do so means you can see the hand of God below the pain above.

When your child is sick it is hard, When your child is injured it is trying, when your child faces death or earth shattering disease it is crushing. We would much rather take it on ourselves. What I have realized with my child facing this is each child is ours. Each child and this planet and all who are a part of it deserve our prayers and chants thus a great reason to remember the infinite dance always. We get to practice. I am greatful for my practice. I am greatful for you and your prayers. I am greatful to the open heart which allows the depth of knowing to prevail in trying times as well as gracious ones. Tell me what you are doing to love more each day, each minute, each breath.



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