Tenacity vs Resistance

Tenacity is needed to excel in many aspects of life without it we would give up before the game even started.  Resistance is great if we are at war, but as a lifestyle it keeps everything at bay. We resist the things we don’t understand, the things we fear, the things that are weird and unknown. Yet these are the very things that allow inventions, that allow you to see the gaps between what is provided and what is being called for. The not thinking like everyone else. So this is my rule

1. Seek out people who think differently than you do.

2. Be willing to listen to people who don’t think like you.

3. Do something new, A new sport, exercise, class that is not like anything you have done before.

4. Go somewhere on vacation that you have never been before.

5. Talk to people when you travel. Even within your own city

6. Be willing to be uncomfortable with new concepts, people, ideas and still stay present.

7. Enjoy the process it will be majical.

Have the tenacity to venture forth in new arenas and lose the resistance that tries to keep you safe in the known. Go for the unknown. It will expand you and your life not to mention the possibilities.



Full on part 2

When we see what do we do with our seeing? There is seeing of self and seeing of others. Usually so much easier to see what is happening in others. Yet we know when something hits home with us because of our reaction. There is no one reaction but it goes something like this. Someone says something to you and because of the tone of voice, or the word,s or the look in their eyes, or the way they are standing or smiling(smirking at you) or all of it you….  Want to go off on them, run away, defend yourself, or some variation of these themes. We know in our heads that this is not effective but damn it anyway they came into delicate ground with their combat boots on. They la la la . and they should have known better. Here are my rules see if they work for you. Not even on the list is Meditate together. If not together meditate each day where ever you are if only together vibrationally. It’s rule before #1

Must say Keith has been a great helper with #1.

1.Don’t defend just listen to what the person is saying. Even if you want to slap them just listen and sit with it.

2. You will get your say just not now, maybe not even today. You must allow what they said to filter through you first.

3. Remember they could be totally off or not if you react they will think they are totally right you just verified it for them.

4. Listening is everything listen to them and then to yourself.

5. Timing is paramount. Know when you can come back and explain how you saw it and where you were coming from.

6. No one is right or wrong it’s all perception only truth is true.

7. You have everything to gain by being calm, deep even if you are reacting inside or outside. How fast can you get back to calm

8. Men, as you know don’t love emotional reactions it really negates it all to most of them. If you need to get emotional do so elsewhere and I recommend it, just not on them.

9. The unknown will become know to you. If you really allow yourself not to push for immediate resolution but trust your intuition you will find other even more profound things will come out of your mouth that maybe even you were not aware of.

10. It doesn’t have to be perfect (whatever that may be). You don’t have to be perfect. Just realize what is effective. When you feel triggered by the other let it seep in because they are trying to tell you something they may not be very good at expressing it either.

Remember that this is all a dance. We are using our relationships to connect more deeply to the divine. That is what they are for for unveiling what is keeping us separate, wounded, protective, rejective etc. This is not the fun part of relationships yet when you allow it and welcome it everything else become more delicious, more connected.

The two most important things in our lives are energy, without it everything is challenging and relationships because we are  in relationship with everything or busy avoiding being in relationship with everything. One takes allot more energy than the other. You choose. Meditate together and everything will have more ease.

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