Thank the Little Things

Thank the Little Things

Thank the Little Things

Do you thank the little things? When you don’t truly honor what you have, including your gifts, what you have will leave you. This became clear once again as Yogi Bhajan was speaking about a student of his who kept complaining of being lonely, saying that she didn’t have anyone in her life (an intimate partner). One day, he had had enough so he said to her, “Here is $20 to go get a haircut (we don’t cut our hair). The woman asked why. He gave her another $20 and said, “So you can go to a club and meet a man.” Again she asked why. He gave her another $20 and said, “This is to take him to dinner. He will do the rest to you.” She was totally affronted. “That’s disgusting,” she said, and handed the money back to him.

What he was trying to show her was how much she had in her life—the love of friends, her closeness to him, the vastness of the teachings, the power to chant, the beauty of the Naam, and so much more. We sometimes only see what we don’t have and we miss the vastness of what surrounds us.

Last week, I had the great fortune to meet this amazing woman. First, I must put it in perspective. We had just come from a few days with Keith’s father who had a stroke about 20 months ago. He was a very independent  87-year-old before then—fox-hunted on horseback, drove himself and his horse trailer to all events, and chased 30-something women. Now he is very dependent. He still wants to be in charge but this is propagated by following you around and making sure that you are not taking all the food from the fridge or turning the burners off behind you if you try to cook so you don’t burn the house down. He is not mean, nor does he try to be on top of you, he just needs to be in charge of something—his life if possible.

So when we went to Ashville to visit some friends and she wanted to introduce me to her 89-year-old mother, I can’t say I was super excited. Well, I got the surprise of my life. She was simply beautiful on every level and a joyous being of great physical beauty as well. I asked about her great joyous nature and her reply was so simple and so true. She said, “I just walk around all day being grateful for everything, even the things I don’t think I want.” Then she said with a twinkle in her eyes, “You never know what will come from those things do you?” I wanted to be around her. She was the most joyous person I have ever met. What I learned was to be thankful and to thank the little things.

Do you thank your toothbrush for being there to serve your teeth and mouth; your bed, for hosting you each night; your pillows, for cradling your head; the water, for coming out of the tap when you turn it on; your fridge, for keeping your food fresh; the floor, for holding you up? Think of 10 things you take for granted and write them down.

Now see if you can remember to be “greatful” for each of these things more than once each day. Start by being “greatful” for the mundane things that serve you every day, then move to the more profound. Thank your meditative mind for pulling you back from reactions. Thank your practice for sustaining you. Thank the chants for uplifting your spirit; the Naad, the sound current, for changing your state of mind (and always being on call for you). It can be such a simple, fun and profoundly transformative exercise. Let me know how you are enjoying this. The great thing about this is you can’t stay angry or grumpy when you do this. You might get sarcastic about it all, but the more you practice the more you will enjoy how things come running towards you. You will find you lose less time, money, and have less regrets about everything.

What I want for you is to have your power, joy, creativity, and your passion awakened and available to you always! When you begin to appreciate everything in your life, you are on the way to Getting Your Essence Back. If you’re ready to receive a step-by-step proven life plan and step into your true self, then I invite you to experience my special program, Get Your Essence Back.

In this special online program, I share with you my time-tested method on how to get back in touch with your “essence” or the genuine YOU. This is all just a small part of what is in the Get Your Essence Back program.

You will learn how to change each of the most important aspects of your being. I want you to be totally supported in becoming a gratitude queen/king and claiming the joy that comes with each station. Get Your Essence Back is here for you to begin that journey! Click the link and get the free sample audio and chapters right away!

I am so “greatful” to each and every one of you and for each of you. I am most “greatful” to serve you in as many ways as you allow me to.

Wahe Guru love and joy to you,

Gurutej Khalsa

The Power of Red

Red means stop. It is also the color of energy. Never want to sleep in a red room but you can get lots done working in one. Red is said to aid in digestion. It is one of the primary colors. My daughter never got to wear red so when she went to preschool she would often come home with these red socks. I would wash them and return them to the school. One day the teacher said, “I think she just needs to keep these socks. I see her getting her feet wet on purpose so she can put these socks on.”

Red—a grounding color; the color of the mountains and cliffs of Sedona; the color of the dirt in Oklahoma; the color our cheeks turn when we are cold or worked up; the color associated with fire and fire engines. These all give us clues to the power of red.

What I want you to do is look behind red. Feel how you feel around the main various shades and hues of red. We say, “I see red.” We know that means we are angry. Yet red holds so much more than that. Why do so many of us paint our toe nails red? Why are there so many red flowers? Why is the red rose the one that speaks of committed passion? What is behind our association with red? What secrets does red hold for you, for the world? How can you use red to heal? Yes, it is the most grounding of colors. Wear red socks or red pants or red shoes when you need more grounding. At one time I had many pairs of red shoes. I still have those red rain boots, and great red strappy shoes. I invite you to unfold the gift of red. Get a red chakra pillow . It will give you clear, connected energy. Explore RED.

Wahe Guru blessings to you,

Gurutej Khalsa

Power Play

Power is a funny word we bat around with great abandon. We think of it as good and bad and we want it and we want not to want it and we don’t want to want it. We try avoiding it or making it evil or we run after it as if it was our saving grace.

Power is just the juice of life. What we do with the power we have is what matters. Power in and of itself  is neither good nor bad. Power is a radiance developed. Some people have no trouble assuming power and others have no problem resenting it. The real deal is how do you get tuned into your power? How are you using your power?  Those are the things to look at.

Power is meant to share, elevate others, create more of everyone. If hoarded it will take you and or your generations down. Look at history. It will tell you this is true. Someone just told me the other day that when you meet Donald Trump you are totally impressed by his power. You realize that allot of what he does is just to stay on the front page. He doesn’t need anyone’s approval. I’m not a fan just saying give power credit to where it is due. You don’t need to be an ass or idiot to be powerful.

There are many realms of power. Some of the most powerful people are very quite. Look at the Dali Lama, Lincoln, etc., being quiet isn’t a sign of not knowing but often of knowing more than they want to say. Look at where you greatest power lies and feed it good soul food. This is how the Divine flows through you best. What if Hafiz had not written all his poems? Serious loss of power to connect to the infinite. If you don’t say yes to your power it will also be a great loss to all. Say yes, yes, yes.




Did you get a chance to be part of this?

Okay I am not easily impressed by people. Yet I am very in awe of each person. Yesterdays call H.E.L.P. Was impressive. So much great take home from each person go here for the replay

Know when something is priceless by how it makes you come into your heart and open to new possibilities. I think this will give you more of you back which is the intent of  H.E. L. P. Health, Energy, Love and Passion. How to open these doors in your life and keep them open so you can truly be that Hue man being.

It’s spring and a time for new beginnings. Use the brush of gratitude to remove the debris of the past so you can live in the clean home of your heart. A clear heart gives your head the juice it needs to make connected decisions. Ask yourself what needs to be cleared out in your life right now. Do you need to let go of old “who done it’s” Which we lovingly refer to as grudges. Love the word grudges it sounds like trolls with horns to me. If you make a list of things you are greatful about you can realize even those who seem like they have been your worst enemy have given you some of the best gifts. They help clear you of many ego diseases, they make you insecure and give you the gift of looking at things with different eyes.  Bless them.

This is a great time to change your diet. Not just for 40 days but for 6 months. Give yourself the gift of live foods Really doesn’t it make sense if you want life force in your body that you need to eat that which has just been alive not dead for awhile. That which is easily digestible not that which takes you 18-20 hrs to digest. Want to know how longs it takes a meal to go through you. Just eat beets or take chlorophyll and you will get to see by the color of your stools. Just be brave enough to say no to junk food that would be all fast food, anything with sugar, food coloring, preservatives or names you can pronounce as part of the ingredients.

Go for green real green not the stuff with food coloring in it.Our teacher once put one of my friends on a whole grain bread toast for 40 days then right after that he had greens only at this point the guy wanted something funky so he put green food coloring on a donut. I know all the short cuts becasue either I have tried them or know someone who has. I also was given more fasts than you can even believe and I did 90% of them. They cured things the medical profession could not touch without removing organs.

Go Green think the Green lantern wasn’t that the big green comic book character? He was amazing. No don’t eat him just eat your greens, drink your greens and become that powerful in your projection.



Living to your destiny are you?

Sometimes we get the blinding light flashes in life that cannot be ignored. Actually they can be ignored but we have to go numb in order to do that. I got one of these blinding flashes the other day. A dear friend of mine who is both innocent and naive got a huge earth shaking wake up call. Boomb stage 4 cancer. 20% chance of survival at tops. After I spent time with her the other day I realized the most important healing that needs to happen with her was soul healing. What she needed is for the pain of her past to be forgiven and released. That what was all important that at this point is that she feed her soul, deeply feed her soul and loose the story that has kept her bound.

Just so you know this is not a full time job. It is a state of consciousness that needs to be courted and cultivated. I want you, yes you to not need this intensity of  a wake up call. Are you good with that? If you want to learn now how to unravel your pain body so you can see and know what is keeping you from your true path. What you need to feed the essence of you so you can see and be in the depth and dimension of your life.You life is precious and no one else can live it for you. We can support each other. We can listen to each other. We can cut out or off. We can do many options and variation of these options We have many options to get to our personal essence or just ignore it by staying so busy and full.

Empty is necessary to get the refill. What do you need to do to empty out and release the past? Try this to help

Empty is the new full. Whoever thought we would start putting saving on the alter as opposed to getting all you want at all times. Time to let go of what you don’t need. Clean closets, cabinets, clear the clutter and allow the space to feed you. We don’t need our stuff either physical, emotional, physic, nor soul. Spring time is the best time to release the stuff.

What stuff are you ready to release? Are you ready to let go of stuff you don’t even know about? This is what meditation can do for you. This is what yoga can do for you, This is what personal sustainability can do for you. Before you can rejuvenate you must release. Sooo I want to hear what you are willing to release so dis ease will not settle into your bones, your blood, your deep cellular structure.

Now is the time to wake up and we all need to wake up together. We can awaken ourselves and we can also invite others to awaken. We cannot make them, we cannot be upset if they don’t but we can deliver the mail. We can offer them a hand, a gift of some support tools but only each one of us can awaken we we are ready . Thus wake up, wake up now get out of the comfort zone. Go forth! Live your life  happy,healthy and whole.




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