I Was Blessed…

women's emotionsI was so blessed. As many of you can imagine, Mother’s Day is not my easiest day of the year. But this year, it was majical as I got to teach. I got to be with a lot of new and some wonderful return students, teaching about the Moon Centers. These majical 11 centers are the core of how energy moves through a woman’s being, awakening her gifts and taking her into places of lack. This course is something that should be taught to every teenager, both girls and boys. It would make the girls feel empowered (not emotionally crazy) and boys will understand that women are complicated but have a road map that would give them the inside view of women’s inner workings, that is, really revealing the secrets to women’s inner workings. Oh, and men, you will know the priceless little things you can do to bring the emotional drama levels down by maybe 50%. Does that sound good? And you will increase your understanding of women’s emotional IQ by about 75%.

It was a wonderful group and they got way more than they bargained for. They were all saying afterwards, “This opened up a totally new world to me, one that I can really use.” If you didn’t have a chance to be there with me, you can learn all this wonderful information through the video series I created. The series of videos and workbooks will see you through, plus you also get the digital copy of the Moon She Rocks You book. Go to this link for TMSRY:


The videos make it much more intimate and show you all the meditations and yoga and even how food can be effective with these 11 Moon Centers. Really this is an amazing course that is a prerequisite for having an effective interactive hueman experience.


I surprised my beloved for his birthday which was a wonderful thing to do. I had never surprised someone so completely. He was in shock for hours but it was not the shock that mattered. That was just fun to see, but what was the most fun was seeing him be greatful for all it took for me to show up in that way for him. I really didn’t even know if the “secret” factor had been blown because several things people had said in front of him or with him in earshot were live giveaways. Yet the Divine pulled the veils around him so he wouldn’t know and so he could appreciate the love within the surprise. He got it. He was greatful for the effort it took to pull it all off.

I too got a bonus—I got to teach several times at the Tree of Life www.treeoflife.nu to this wonderful bunch of people showing up to cure their diabetes. Many were older and couldn’t do a regular yoga class but they learned to breathe and got to move in ways they could, and we fell in love. This had always been a Seva class for me when I was visiting the Tree. But this group actually loved what I brought to them and bought my products. It was blessings all round.

Courage, vast amounts of courage, is required to be here. With this group at the Tree of Life, I get to see it every day. I see it most vividly here in this time of huge transition. On Mother’s Day, I got to see many who no longer had their mothers here on earth and ones whose mother had Alzheimer’s, which is like having a mother and yet not having one. And one group came—mother, daughter and a 12-year old granddaughter who did the entire 4-hour course and everyone fell in love with her. She was very self-possessed and open, yet self-conscious about some of the dancing–things to be expected of teens dancing with moms and her mom’s peers. It’s wonderful to see the shift of what the younger generations can and will do in so many directions. Bless you all for your courage.

I am going to donate 15% of my sales from the Moon Centers course to El Nido for their work with teens, especially teen families to give them a different reality.

I hope and pray that you will ulitize the amazingness of this course on the Moon Centers http://gurutej.com/store/11-moon-centers/ to make you and your life more empowered. And there’s a big give-back when you purchase the course, especially for those who are trying to climb out of overwhelm and the cycle of poverty. You get to claim your gifts by getting and using this wonderful course and you get to be a giver at the same time. Think about it—$45 for each sale will go to El Nido, so if 100 of you buy it, we get to contribute $4500. Are you ready to get empowered and pass that on to others all in one fell saying yes to you? Love you. Wahe Guru. Say yes to it all.

Waves of Transformation

Women's Liberation

Waves of Transformation.

First I want to say that I’m so deeply “greatful” that my amazing VA Alvin and his family are alive and safe in the Philippines. Wahe Guru. Second, I want to say that I heard in the news today they are expecting 10,000—yes, that’s ten thousand—dead from Typhoon Haiyan. That is unspeakable devastation for the families and the country. So please follow me to donate to OXFAM or Red Cross to show the love that we would so appreciate ourselves in such a situation. Then donate that amount. Let them feel the love we have as a community.

I just got back from teaching a truly amazing woman’s weekend. Transformation was the byword—love-supported transformation. What I learned is you have to have a deep desire to make a shift in your life. Without that, you won’t show up at the level needed to make that shift.

Our resistance causes such amazing things to happen to and around us. We have no idea of our power till we see that we can blow systems out in cars, our computers, and our people so we won’t have to show up for what we say we want, sometimes, even knowing in our deep hearts we need and crave just that. Transformation does not happen staying comfortable.

Transformation means getting out of the comfort zone where the changes are not happening and being with the discomfort of the ride. In Kundalini Yoga, there are many very simple exercises, like holding your arms out from your shoulders, for example. But do this exercise for 11 minutes and you’d feel you want to kill someone, till you surrender, then it sustains and uplifts.

Seeing this group of women willing to go deep, then even deeper, with each other and me to look at how to truly integrate all this into their lives, was inspiring. I salute you one and all. You inspired me. One woman in particular said something that really struck me. She said, “I am a good starter but when it comes to sustaining or maintaining, I’m not. That’s what I need support with.” I just want to say that this is something I am really great at supporting—both in sustaining and maintaining your transitions. Go here to my Transformational Sessions. The special price goes up on the 1st of January.

How to stay inspired is actually something most “huemans” wrestle with. It’s easy sometimes to get inspired, but how to stay there or get back there quickly isn’t. I had all the women at the retreat (who didn’t want it to end then) ask how we could do this more often; how they could always have this level of inspiration, support and connection. Stay tuned for how we are addressing this with live events that can do that for you on a regular basis. You will want to be part of this wave. Waves are amazing transformers. They bring lots of water and sometimes shells and other debris in and take things out with them. So they are both givers and takers. You will want to catch this wave and ride each one into the depth of you.

I look forward to seeing each of you soon. I look forward to hearing from you. I’m inviting you to join me on Tuesday November 26th at Noon PT for my complimentary teleclass, 5 Juicy Secrets to Holiday Ease. You will get 5 priceless tips so you can experience a luscious happy holiday and kick the stress out the door!

Deep Love and Blessings,


Work Vs. Fun

Work Vs. PlayWork Vs. Fun

I bought this birthday card for a friend. It showed a woman at her desk throwing her paperwork up in the air. The saying, “Less paper work, more fun.” Many of the dotcoms are trying this with game rooms, but they are quite competitive places, these game rooms. They have rollerblading hallways, bike trails, all sorts of yoga and nap rooms, so someone got the message that more play brings better work. Now we are talking about a very task-oriented, highly motivated, competitive group of “huemans.” Then there was last nite when I saw a quote from a spiritual teacher saying (and I’m paraphrasing): If you changed your work-to-play ratio from 70% work and 30% play to just the opposite, 30% work and 70% play, you would have the happiness you are chasing.

What I got from this is not to stop work but to stop making your life all work and instead “make it work.” We say: I am working on this, working out, working towards this goal, and working hard to make this happen. We never say, I’m playing at seeing the gift in this; I’m playing with my business; I’m playing out; I’m playing with this goal so I will understand it from all sides. Yet, in spite of this, every mystic leaves his students for time to play.

Play with children. Play with the Divine through poetry. Get the play of life and revel in it. Life is inviting you to play with it—to play inside of the easy and the challenges. Play is a way of conceiving and perceiving things.

How can you make your life more about play? How can you be playful and still meet the challenges? How can you not let people run all over you, yet not get your tail, your heart, your head, and your soul in knots over what happened or what someone said or did to you? Take the “you” out of those quotients. It is never about you. Truly, you are losing energy and joy when you react to what others are doing.

I’m going to share a personal story with you. Actually it’s 2 stories.

Story #1

I work longs hours often but I truly love all I do. I also take all sorts of breaks. The other day, Sheru came in and said, “You are always at your computer. I couldn’t do that. Two hours is my max.” I said, “Since you left 2 hours ago, I did yoga, ate dinner, went to the 99cents Only Store (Oh, here’s a super tip. 8pm is the perfect time to breeze in and out), now I am back at my computer.” All day I take yoga breaks, work with clients on the phone while I walk through my garden and pull weeds. I think much better when I am moving. It seems to allow things to come through me better. Then I sometimes make my desk so I can stand up, sometimes I sit down. I don’t have a flat back side yet so I’m assuming it is working or playing out well. How do you structure your workday so there is fun, delight, play, yoga, and energy involved? I worked long days last week so I could do something I really really love—go to the beach; not just any beach, but really clean water. Laguna, ahhh.

Story #2

I went to the beach and invited my friend Allana to meet me there. She did, and we had a wonderful couple of hours connecting on how consciousness is unfolding in our lives and businesses. It was delightful. She was delightful. She brought watermelon, and I brought an entire vegan spread of tahini dip with celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, an avocado for each of us, and a knife and fork. For desert, there was chocolate coconut milk that I had put in the freezer and it still had little ice chunks in it. Delightful. She had never had this treat. I had only found it at a gas station in Phoenix when I went to gather Pritham’s things. I was deeply in need of something yummy. It was the perfect thing. I had 1 bottle of this every day. Allana felt the same way and we literally giggled with delight. We were like little children. We felt we had discovered the adult version of chocolate milk (or chocolate milkshake).

After Allana left, I snorkeled in this very cold, clear water. It was magical. I had swum there often but never snorkeled. Grasses and seaweed all dancing; great schools of 10- to12-inch green fish; a big orange fish doing solo dances; a 3- to 4-foot, (yes, that’s in feet) black and brown fish; an entire valley of purple sea anemonesl—just one delight after another. I was truly ecstatic.

Then, the Divine tested my ecstasy as I inched home. Never take the 5 if you can help it. That’s even worse than the 405 drive—well, maybe not, but on that day, it was. I went to Gurudwara (our temple) that night and I really looked forward to this wonderful Kirtan group. It was the 8th month, exactly, after Pritham left her body. They were… how do I say it… kindly very loud and off-key. I moved outside and found that I could meditate beyond the loudness and get into the sound current of the words and let that uplift my soul. I got to play with the sound beneath the sound current.

How are you going to practice to play when it doesn’t seem like a play situation? How are you going to invite more play into your life? Please connect and tell me. Play with the Divine in each moment. All this is practice to do just that.

Wait till the Woman’s Retreat. We will be playing and getting the essence of your recharged.

All Love and Blessings in the Divine,

Gurtuej Khalsa

Honoring Women on this Mothers day


By Gurutej Kaur

Everything is the answer.

Why should we pay attention to our women?

Why should we honor their rhythms and cycles?

Because they are our seers. They are our souls.

They are the bringers of life. Not only this gorgeous thing called our body but the life of the ideas.

They are the holders of the Seed.

When women don’t get nourished they become terrible. They become fiercer than Genghis Khan, they become Kali looking for blood, your blood.

If they aren’t given the time to create in grace they become hard like coal and will burn you with their fire.

If their song isn’t heard they become hoarse and listless. Their whispers paralyze your very being.

When women are looked at kindly, spoken to with reverence, acted toward with respect, touched with dignity we will experience the greatest delights.

We will have honor because we have honored that from which we have come.

We will experience peace because our intuition will be alive.

We will experience hope because her prayer will be heard once again.

We will experience compassion because her depth has been awakened.

We will experience courage because her fear will bow to her trust.

We can dig ourselves out of this grave of fear through honor.

We can dig ourselves out of this grave through reverence.

We can dig ourselves out of this grave through respect.

She is a woman. She is your woman. You’re mother, your daughter, your lover, your sister, and your friend.

See her in the face of every woman.

Encourage her to know what she really knows.

To turn off the radios, the TV, The computer and make friends with her silence.

To hear her deepest voice and delight in it’s magnitude.

To share her wisdom without fear.

When you hear these voices

When you see the glint of eternity in her eyes

Then you will know hope

Until then we are emaciated souls awaiting emancipation

Appreciation it all

Yesterday I was going to the bank . The first one looked like after a holiday so I moved on. Next one I was met with cars jocking for space and then I saw her. tall, black, thin, and sporting a DDDD set of breasts. They were really outstanding in every sense of the word. The poor men in the parking lots almost fell on their faces. She both knew her effect and reveled in that fact as she strutter her seemingly newly acquired breasts as if she was taking her breasts out for a very joyous walk. Then she got into her huge Chevy SUV and swung out into the lot almost hitting me and chirpping something at me totally oblivious of anyone but her and her bubble. It was a great experience.

It was even more relevant to me that fact that women now really need ways to regain their power, their soul, their light without having to do extreme things to attract attention in ways that they may not really want anyway. So go get your copy of this great guidline to your essential beauty, power and passion.


What can I say except you deserve this year to womanfest your power. To regain your passion and be present in your life. To do that you need juice, you need energy, your need you. If you want this and then run don’t walk your fingers over your keys and accept the support you are longing for.


This is for you. I have already used it and I love it. Also tested it with other woman and they to have found it priceless. This is not costing your $10000. or even $100. It is yours for $9.95. This price will not last once we get the audios done you will never see this price again. It will move up way past the $100 mark. So get it and use it now don’t wait till we do the audio series you can give that as gifts because you know how great it is you had the experience.




Transcripts & Notes from all of Gurutej’s 5 Yoga Dvds Available Now. Just $19.95 for all of them as a digital download (PDF).


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