1313 is so irrationally scary, and yet is, was, a power number not that long ago. It is a Venus number that is all about love and passion and art and juiciness of life. But that is scary when you are trying to control people and you want them to show up for dull manual labor jobs so you need to scare them into doing just that. I love that, when you have a building with more than 12 floors there is no 13th floor. The heck there isn’t! Just because you won’t put it on the doors or in the elevator doesn’t mean the 13th floor doesn’t exist.

So, just wanting to ask you what are you doing with this in your life?

What are you making up and putting it out there as if it’s the gospel truth?

This is the day to look at that and see what you are kidding yourself about, what scares you and ask, do you want everyone to be scared about that with you?

Funny, isn’t it, when we get busted about our fears? It’s way more fun when you want to have a party and blow those fears up. That is why I love divorce parties, not because I love divorce but because it’s a way to blow up the myth of forever. Your soul is forever the people who come into your life come to help you learn a lesson or two, or even 10,0000, who knows?

Are you ready to bless your fears and have a party to blow the fear up? Then this is the perfect time to do just that. Or you can wait for Halloween, when we all try to freak each other out with our alter egos’ darkest disguise.

Truly have a party of one or of hundreds and blow your carefully laid fears bare. See them for the impotent beasts they are.


Do this exercise:

Write your fear down on a piece of prayer paper. Chant with them.  Then offer them to be consumed by the fire you will set in a pot or metal bowl. Chant over them and bless them as they leave you. You may need to rinse and repeat this exercise often. Do it.

Your fears are not merely dead cows you have picked up along the way. Like dead cows, they do have a stench, and even animals can smell this. Gather them up with love and blow them kisses bye-bye. Allow them to be someone else’s energy. They can be transformed. They have done their work transforming you.

Wahe Guru.

Love and Blessings to you so Say I do. Be married to your freedom.


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