Being sensitive, being vulnerable, longing for more intimacy… Yes, they are all related my love.

Each day deserves us, so, notice it’s gifts—the ones trying to pour on and through us. If we are so overly sensitive that makes it hard to be aware of this bounty and not overwhelmed by it.

I want to say, if you find yourself one of the sensitives, here are some things I know.

1. Clear and expand your magnetic field so it can take the brunt of the world (not yours) and heart and soul. It is meant for that.

Here is a link to one of my favorites for this:

2. Make sure you eat grounding foods. Root foods are good. You don’t need meat to ground you. Promise. Eliminate junk food and eat only fruit sugars. Sugar trashes your nervous system. All sensitives have very delicately tuned nervous systems. Take care of yours.

3. Go to sleep at night with care. Take a shower, wash your hair, rub your feet, use lavender and chamomile and marjoram essential oils on your feet and in your bed. Clear your magnetic field and read a couple of mystics’ poems. Do a 3 to 11-minute meditation and wrap yourself up in the wings of the Divine.

4. Keep your favorite mantra going in your home, office, and car so it is with you. Even when it’s not on physically playing, it plays inside of you.

5. Remember, your breath is the fastest way to clear things. Don’t let yourself fixate on what happened, what is happening, what should have happened, etc. Breathe it out with Break Breath. Focus on big exhales to release.

Don’t know break breath? Here is another:


What more do you want?

by Gurutej

A mere walk till the clouds started dancing

Then I too joined in

their romp

to move and bump

and morf

I fell to my knees

with delight

They turned pink

I clapped and laughed

A huge, dark, spreading pine

soaked up their colors

did a dark swaying dance.

Flicking colors

we, in awe

she didn’t care

not there to preform

yet we got the delight

of her slow graceful sway

So much beauty

What else is needed to feel

the caress of Divine love

The Divine is Simple. We love to complicate things, but the Truth isn’t complicated.

Clear yourself, strengthen your magnetic field and nervous system, pay attention to whom you talk with and gravitate to, go to sleep with care. Remember your breath is there to change your perspective, your energy, your life, use it. Mantra is your best friend.

Feel Blessed that you feel—that you are alive. That you can wake up.

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