Ready, set, go! Here they are:

1. Watch this video and do it.

It will clear you out and reset you to an energized state.

2.        How not to go to the dark side of food when you are upset. Don’t have that crap around. If it’s not there, you probably won’t seek it out, or at least it takes more effort. Have yummy good food for you stuff. Sun Warrior now has a yummy protein bar (16 grams of protein and only 3 grams of sugar) and yes, tastes good (4 flavors). Ready, set, go:

3.        Regain your connection to your breath. It’s your fastest way to relink to the Divine. try 2-part-inhale, 2-part-exhale if stressed. Do both inhale and exhale through the mouth. If somewhere you can’t do that, use your blessed nose and do the same 2-part-inhale and exhale through your nose. Not as noisy, but still great.

4.        Get up and move. Shake it off, then drink a big, yes, big container of water. it will wash your stressors away or flush the person or thought down the toilet. Not really, just let them go. Recycle the situation.

5.        Take a moment to realize that you are priceless. Slow your breath down. Take your tongue and curl it back down your throat and silently say, Wahe Guru. I see the vast ecstatic Divine everywhere.


Blessings to You Wahe Guru,


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