Guess which day I am speaking of ? No not Easter or the 4th of July it’s the day that bring tremors into the hearts of most for different reasons. It is the day that those who are single morn their loss of coupledom or being loved or in love and those who are together are concerned if they got the right gift or booked the right restaurant, wrote the right things on a card or will their foe paws (should be spelled like this right) make the next period of time hell in their relationship.  Such angst on all sides of the fence that when you “get it right ” it is monumental.

Lets just take some of the VD out of this day.It’s not a social disease but it does cause lots of dis ease.  It is about love, Eros. How openhearted and connected can you be? How can you do little things for your partner that really have meaning for them on a regular basis so they  get that you really care all year long not just on one Hallmark day? What does caring feel like to your partner There is no standard. It doesn’t look or feel alike to each person right?

Could you sit with each other and make a list? Really 15 min max unless it turns into something truly sensual in deep gratitude

1.Ask your partner what their top 5 things you could do for them on a regular basis would. What could you do that would make them feel loved, appreciated.

2. Then after you make sure you have heard your partner share your top 5 things that would make you feel loved. Yes making love more often can be on the list. Can’t tell you you will get your wish but put it on there.

3. Tell each other how you intend to fulfill these wishes on a regular basis. Spend 15-min doing this doesn’t have to be long but be connected.

4. Don’t  do this when you are upset or your partner is upset it will sabotage  success. Deal with upset first then deal with serving.

5. Give this new lease a start date like tomorrow or tonite and then stick to it. Keeping your word is paramount here.

Bonus Remember when you do this you will get lots more of whatever it is you really want from a relationship because you have used the Golden Rule.

Show up

Do the Work

Enjoy and don’t be attached to the outcome

If you follow these rules you don’t need money. You do need time and space in your head and heart to make this happen. So it comes with cost but nothing compared to the cost of not doing it. The coasting in numbness or being the irate couple or or or  you name your slogan. Get a new one that is about the juiciness of your relationship. You want a leaky ship or one that really floats your boat? Choose now in the mantle of Valentines Day act in  and for love.



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