Challenges begone! Don’t you wish you could just wave your magic wand or even do the PERFECT meditation and poof, it would all be gone?

Yes, me too, but that is not how this blessed planet works. It is an earth-and-ether combo that works. And, yes, it works differently for everyone. So, try these tips and work with them, for you. This is about your having tools to deal with all the bumps and thumps that come with this beautiful gift of life.

I remember thinking, after my daughter left her body, that I deserved a free ride from there on out. That was a real “Ha!” moment. No such deals. The only deal is to have a damn good tool kit and the discipline and attraction to use them often.

So here they are my top tools.

  1. How you set yourself each morning determines how you will deal with the day. What do you need to do to set the foundation of you? I meditate and say prayers first. Then exercise.
  1. Sleep, not the 8-hour thing, but lie down and be with the challenge. Take a nap or, yes, sleep on it. Not to forget it, but to gain more clarity.
  1. Have a fearless conversation with yourself about it. Record it, give yourself advice, and then listen back to yourself, or call a trusted friend who will listen and do the same thing and listen to your voice as you say it. Listen to the words, listen to the unsaid things, listen to the fear and the wisdom become the observer. Get neutral with…
  1. Breathe. Change your breath pattern. The breath pattern when stressed or challenged is not one that will serve you to find the best options on how to deal with the challenge. Break Breath is my favorite. 2-part, 4-part—it doesn’t matter.
  1. Go outside and take a walk, a run, a swim, a roller blade, a trampoline… Change your energy state. Being outside will get you out of your uncomforted zone and you will see things differently.

The other day, I was having a challenging day, and so we went for a walk. My foot was in a lot of pain, so I didn’t want to go for a walk, but then I started taking picturess of all the things I love, and I heard this call, and I knew that call—it was the hawk. Indeed, there she sat. I knew it was a she ‘cause she was big—bigger that the he, as female hawks are supposed to be. The crows were dive-bombing, saying, “Go away you egg stealer! Not in our hood.” She just sat till she was ready to move. Then I got to see her take flight… ahhh. Loved the hawk-crow play as well. I would have missed this had I opted to staying home with my painful foot. They talked to me… told me to sit, be willing to be swooped and to be the one being swooped—to dive in and see more deeply into… the challenge.

Watch this video. Breath with powerful movement that can serve you.

Meditation to release the past to have a vast fulfilled now:

Now, I ask that you remember why you are really here.

Love and Blessings,


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