We often try to live our lives around ourselves. What do I mean by that? That you are not part of your life. The things you want are. The things you need or think you need are. The lists of what you have to do are. But ways to really improve your life force are often missing. We often have a forced life instead of a powerful and strong life force.

Tips – These things will feed you back:

1. Your life force is the most important aspect of your life. Knowing the upkeep so you have a powerful life force is the key.

2. Ways you can feed your true life force. Good healthy food that will give you true energy. Plant based eating habits. Lose the energy stealing food and drinks. Junk food makes you junk. Real food doesn’t come in packages with names you can’t pronounce.

3. Move this wonderful unite you have been given. Check out the structure it tells you by the movable parts that it wants you to be able to freely move inside of it. Do the moving things you love daily even if only for 10-20 minutes.

4. Declutter your house, our office, your car, your drawers. Clutter makes you cluttered with no space to expand into.

5. Create a sacred space in your home where you can sit and meditate. Size doesn’t matter as long as you can sit in it.

6. Love like there is no tomorrow for we have no way of knowing if there is. Don’t waste 1 minute hating it steals your energy and clouds your heart.

7. Gratitude is not only the list you make but how you live it in big and small ways. Compliment and praise everyone in your life often it goes far in creating connection. It also saves lots of time in clean up on the back end.

Okay a bonus tip. Chant, yes chant so that the sound current will support you. We are all made of sound. We are resonant beings. I love Long Wahe Guru’s for calming down. Waaaaa Hayyyyy Guuuuu Rooooo.

Find simple ways to incorporate each of these and you will have a MUCH better life. I have a great program to support you in this quest. Get your essence back on my site www.gurutej.com will support you in this. There is also a free 1 hr audio there listen to it. Remember the Naad, Sound current of your life defines you. What you say lives forever so speak with grace and reverence they will support you in becoming truly whole.



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