This month is such a great transition month. Fall here in the Northern hemisphere and spring in the Southern hemisphere. Astrologically, I have heard from many of my dear friends who are world-known astrologers, so this month might be just a tad more challenging. Hearing this made me want to share some really great support to and for YOU as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

So if this resonates with you please say yes to the support love.

This is because I know this feeling so well. Ahh, being the one who feels so much, and picks up others well… pretty well everything, I want to share a secret with you. Being a highly sensitive being is an asset, not a deficit! I can almost hear you saying are you crazy. Stay with me, please.

You, as a highly sensitive person, feel a lot. I know because I too am that person.

I have an overly developed sense of smell, touch, and sound. When I wear headsets (doesn’t matter if over the ears or in the ears) within 20 minutes, they are so hot they are burning. I have to take them off because they literally start burning. I can smell things others can’t—sometimes it’s lovely when it’s a subtle smell of flowers, yet often in a big city, not so wonderful.


Being touched is what I love and I will say a little goes a long way, meaning light touch is best. I don’t hug everyone, but I do love everyone. I have to be very careful who touches me because I take them home with me.

Yogi Bhajan told me, “You need to wear a big Amethyst because everyone loves it when you come through a room because you walk out with all their garbage. You are like a physic vacuum cleaner. Wear a large Amethyst so it can clear you.”

I’m sharing this so you know that due to this sensitivity I have embraced much learning of how to not just cope but thrive as a sensitive.

I have developed a lot of tools to do the things that have helped me and others not take everything and every one home with us. I trust that if this sounds or feels like you, then let me share what I have found works (after a very long study and sharing these with thousands of other Highly Sensitive People).

For you, if you feel…

You often can’t tell where you stop and another starts
You often feel overwhelmed by noise or crowds or __
You’re tuned into people’s pain bodies whether you want to or not.

Sometimes, you are told these things which are supposed to help you:

Anti-anxiety medication might help
Going out only into non-crowded venues
Don’t be so sensitive
Learn how to shut it off

Wouldn’t you love to know some real-life tools that could strengthen you as a Highly Sensitive Person, without you losing your sensitivity?

That is what I want to share. There are systems in your being that, if you strengthen them, will protect you. Not by numbing out or taking drugs but by working with those systems.

What systems am I speaking of?

Your Nervous system is highly tuned but often super delicate and can short out easily.

The magnetic field is your true protector and can be a collector.

The arc-line ( the energy arch from ear to ear for everyone and women have an extra one nipple to nipple) that offers you protection and serves as your radiance gauge.

I am offering you simple ways to work with these systems, to know…

Know how to charge yourself before you leave home
Learn how to be able to clear yourself when you come back home or before reaching home, so you don’t carry it all with you
How to not leave home in a delicate susceptible state.

So, you can be you AND have an easier time navigating this place, this world we call home.

If this sounds good to you love, then please go here and see how you can be part of something that can truly serve you. Not change you, but up-level your experience of being here as a highly sensitive being.

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