We speak of  “The Beloved” as if was God removed from us. We speak of “The Beloved “as if it is only one specific person. We speak of “The Beloved” as if it is separate. The Beloved is the reverence that can link us to everything. I had someone tweet me that they would buy my book, A Slice of the Beloved when I found them a beloved. It made me laugh. I tweeted back buy it and you will find your Beloved. Why?  Because the Beloved resides in each molecule of everything, it resides deeply within you.

Yes, as I was doing the final editing of my book my Beloved appeared tis true. But that is his gift to me. He has made me much more aware of the beloved in each aspect of every moment of my life. It is not always easy to see the hand of the Beloved in mayhem and war.  Not always easy to see the eyes of the Beloved when you don’t like what is in front of you. Not always easy to hear the voice of the Beloved when you feel upset or depressed.

All I can say is keep the heart open so the Beloved can play with you. The Beloved exists in each moment. We get to unveil it or keep it unseen. The choice is ours. Remember that the telling and hearing of all voices are important. But paying attention to what is being said by the Divine.  It all takes lots of work and patience. Thus why you want to meditate and do yoga. Because the yoga of life requires a calm heart and patient mind.

I have great tools on my site go help yourself to a lunch with the Beloved. www.gurutej.com

Love and blessings


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