Wahe Guru which, translated, means the beyond ecstasy, ecstatic, wisdom of the seen and unseen truth, you can claim your rebirth with that of your nation.

Birth and rebirth are always deep, challenging, timeless, awakening, vast, and so much more. Why not use this time of honoring the hard fought release from underneath the crushing power of an oppressor or what feels like oppression at that time? Your rebirth can be that as well. What, not who, is oppressing you?

Look into that with eyes and heart wide open.

Watch this video and do the meditation. Maybe you will say “Yes” to 40 days or 90 days of 120 days or even, yes, 1,000 consecutive days to claim this change.

Your rebirth can shift the planet. You can be the next Buddha, the next St. Theresa, or Mai Bhago. Say yes to doing something that will shift you in a direction your soul longs for.

I love and honor and hold you Wahe Guru.

Blessings to your courage to be reborn,


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