This is the time of year when people have had enough of the cold, the dreary, the slushy, the icy, and the blues. Here I want to speak of BLUE and how to let go of the blues.

Blue is an oceanic wavelength of vast color. It has depth and holds promises of activating your depth. Blue comes in a myriad of shades and hues. Some hold promise and some seem hopeless – the flip sides of the same coin. The grey blues are the ones that we cling to in our magnetic fields when we “feel blue”. They are hopeless, bordering on depression. Try this yoga exercise on Chakra Magnetic:

When feeling blue, you need to get to the clear buoyant colors of blue. Feed yourself the antidote color. Go to a gallery that is showing art on water, or glaciers, or Picasso’s blue period. Wear really joyous, hopeful, dancing colors of blue. In the winter, when it is drab, cold, and stark outside, we tend to wear grey and brown, and most of all, black. Shift that go for bright happy colors you will uplift yourself with as well as those looking at you.

Who made the rule that we had to wear these drab colors in winter? There are now fabulous warm clothes made in fun colors. Even Cashmere has lost it’s monochromatic tones. Lose your monochrome and embrace oceanic blue. Start with jewelry. make it fun and blue. Semi precious stones or precious ones are always best, but if not, go for crystals and something you love, or scarves that make you happy. You can also dance with a scarf. Try it. It is whimsical and delightful. Wear one and go grab a child and dance. Think of Krishna, the blue of the blue.

Blue is the color of the throat chakra, and winter cold often makes us turn blue. Winter also brings problems of the head, throat and chest. All these colors are in the blue and blue-purple ranges. So embrace the color blue and let that healing energy seep into you. Take a blue chakra pillow.

Heat up the blue chakra pillow and put it on your throat or heart area. Sleep with a warm chakra pillow under your neck. Yummy! It makes your communication with yourself and others easier, for it’s the throat which rules communication. When you are blue, there is no fun communication. So get to TRUE BLUE and let that Oceanic color embrace you.

Get radical and paint a wall in your office your favorite color of bright and happy blue. Above all, breathe the depth of blue into you. Dance the vastness of the Ocean depth into you. See your blues and laugh. Say, “I am not dancing with you. I have a better partner. True Blue.”

Wahe Guru. I am dancing with you.


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