the 13th month

The 13th Month: How to Get 29 Extra Days Each Year

What if a magic genie came down and gave you two extra hours each and every day? Would you accept the gift? Would you be ecstatic? How would you like to sleep less, yet FEEL BETTER?
Ask yourself: What would make you willing to sleep less? I want you to look at these numbers and see if they inspire you.

If you gained two waking hours per day—that is, 14 hours a week, 60 hours a month, and a glorious 728 hours a year, then you gain over a month each year. You will have found a free gift if you take me up on this process.

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Just think what you could do with that time—one extra month in your life each and every year, if you follow this system.


  • How much more time you would have with the people you love.
  • How much more money you could make.
  • How much more time to pursue your passions doing what you love.
  • How much more time to complete the projects that never get done.
  • What can you do in two whole extra hours each and every day?

Learn How To:

  • 1 How to go to sleep well’ to be rested
  • 2. How to wake up connected and alert
  • 3. How to eat yummy things that serve the total you
  • 4. Easy short breaths to release and revitalize you during your days
  • 5. How to get the exercise you need during your breaks
  • 6. Meditations you can do easily


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This book is a must for busy over achievers who want more time in every day. Gurutej helps you to create habits that will empower and energize you to have the life success you desire.

Robin Sheldon
Artistry Agency LA, NY, London

“ I love this woman and her work in the world. This book gives you easy tools to get back to an energized, empowered state all day long. Who doesn’t want that. “

Marla Maples
Actress, TV and Radio Host, Consciousness Advocate

“This is the best guidelines for True Success I have seen. Simple, easy, effective tools you can use all day and night. In 10 min a day reclaim your True Success. What a gift.”

Dr. Ava Cadell, Author, Founder of

For anyone looking for a way to be more productive, efficient, and creative while avoiding fatigue and stress from “over work” The Thirteenth Month is for you. You will experience stress reduction and increased creativity in all phases of your life.

Keith Lyons Delta Pilot and Trainer / Executive Producer of SimplyRaw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days