A Slice of the Beloved, Yoga For Couples

A Slice of the Beloved, Yoga for Couples
A Yogic manual for relationships.

Why another book on relationships? Because everything in life is about Energy and Relationships. If you want to get juicy, playful, and experience vast reverence then this could be for you.
You will get profoundly simple and effective tools to:
First: Connect and reconnect to the beloved in you.
Next : How to attract and then play with your beloved.
Third: Building the soul of your relationship. Two bodies, one soul.
Fourth: Creating a powerful platform to embrace service to whatever aspect of the world calls to you.
Having healthy intimate relationships is the basis of true happiness. Learn practical tools to:

  1. Lose fear,
  2. Learn that being right isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,
  3. Create deep joyous intimacy,
  4. Increase communication Skills (brilliant listeningand so much more)
  5. Claim a “deeply divine” playful relationship with your partner that flows into all your relationships.

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