Blessed, joyous, New Year. We can always walk through a door or not. A New Year is like that. We have a chance to change something—one thing you don’t want to draw into this year.

This year is the Subtle Body year. If you are not connected to that body and are able to see beyond what seems to be happening, it will not be a challenge year, it will be full-on crazy year.

Developing your meditative mind gets to be top of the list this year.

So, what can you do that will help you develop your meditative, clear, bast mind? Choose the one thing you will do.

Don’t try to do more than one. It’s the best recipe for mid-January.


Love to have blinking lights around this. No, not to extend the holidays (though truth be told, I love, love all the lights) but to wake you up to what is effective. One thing. Choose one thing.

Then get the support you need. Yes, 99% of people can’t just push through it. Your habit, you want to erase it from you like a selfie exorcism needs support. So, get some support at whatever level you can.

Now, I want to identify what you want to move towards. Yes, right now. You probably already know it, but just write it down—not what you want to release but what you want to move towards.


That is the most important thing.

If you choose something you want and think you will just plow through and MAKE it happen, it will release a… powerful fire storm of resistance within you. Everything will arise from your subconscious and try and block you. You will justify saying that you are too busy or can’t start your diet, etc. till… sometime in the future, usually the near future, but that will get pushed as well.

This year is the year of meditation for understanding the world from the inside out. The depth of subtlety and connected consciousness—the Guru—is the driving force. It’s not the year to push. Tis the year to be with, to listen, to receive support, and to accomplish with others.

Wahe Guru love and blessed new beginnings to you,

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