Can you get the Millions AIG is paying out?

Well maybe not put into your bank account but what if you could learn how
to feel like a million when others are telling you stories of doom and gloom? Would that be good? The people making millions on the internet and anywhere else have a few common components.

1. lots of energy
2. passion for what they are doing
3. creativity
4. drive
5. thinking outside that preverbal box, ahead of the box

We will address the energy component today because this is the basis of all people of status and stature. If they can’t manage their energy they become addicted. Addicted to drugs, booze, power, la la la you name it. We in LA LA land know how pretty that is and so does the rest of the world.

If you have energy and a deep connection to you and who you really are at your core there is nothing that can be given to you or taken away from you that can truly ruin you. Yes read that again. If someone can take away something or give you something that will ruin your state of being then you do not have you.

I want you to have you because that is the most necessary component in this journey called life. If you have you all is fine no matter what. If you don’t no matter what nothing is truly fine. I have put energy tips on my blog for you so you can do them so you can feel you again not what someone tells you are or how you feel at this moment. I want you to truly succeed. To uncover your passion and creativity and find your special gift that will hopefully make you millions and support those who use it.

These are the times that what we create counts. We have enough trash on this planet now in all realms. What the world needs now is ….things that matter, support, uplift, create better connections and you have an answer to this that no one else has. Have the energy to uncover your gifts. Then you can proceed on to the other steps to being a leader, a light, a creator, wealthy.


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