Chakras and Yoga: Opening Your 7th Chakra for Transformation

When you the need to experience your royal self, wear the color purple. Purple can turn a pauper into a queen or king. Purple makes you want to sing; to chant; to call in the oneness of everything. It is about transformation. It is the longing for the voice, the knowing, and the intimate knowing of the Divine. It opens the 10th gate to receiving the messages of the Divine. The 7th Chakra or Crown Chakra is only strengthened with meditation and color. It is the most etheric of all the chakras and it’s color is purple.

Purple is the passion play, the passion play with the Divine. With purple, you feel called to invite the entire universe to your party. It will make you stop and take stock. Remember to chant and know why you are truly here—to know that The Divine One put you here to play with you. Purple says, “I am ready to play. I want to hear the rules and then go beyond all rules to where YOU rule.”

I remember once going into one of my interior design teacher’s houses. We had this assignment to furnish a room, price all the furniture and things you wanted in it, make a mock up and then turn the assignment in. We had a budget and it couldn’t exceed that budget. I was a student in college living in a dorm and had zero design experience.

Out teacher took us all over to his house. Oh, my God. It was my first taste of Divine Dashing Gay Design. It was just so wonderful. All I wanted to do was roll around in his purple velvet bed spread. No, not with him, but just for the total sensual delight of feeling that royal purple velvet—skin on velvet—that purple permeation. My own little room felt sadly missing—missing the fabulous depth of purple. It was all in white.

When you want more depth, go get a purple shawl to meditate with; a purple robe to cover yourself in; a purple chakra pillow to give you the clarity you crave.

I forgot I had this wonderful purple hippie dress that I had made for me. It was purple in two tones that had no back. It was my dancing dress. My daughter is now communicating with me through purple. When I smell lavender, which is purple, I know she is talking to me. When I see purple, she is trying to get my attention. Who knows, she may be writing this through me. I no longer take credit for anything. It is all her dancing through the Divine into me. Meditation and Prayer are the conduits into the Divine. Tell me what your experience of purple is.

Try this meditation. It’s super simple. Sit anywhere comfortable with your spine straight. Place your right hand on top of your left hand with thumbs touching. Roll your eyes up to look into your crown, letting your attention drift from the other chakras. Inhale though your nose in 4 equal parts then exhale in one, fast and powerful breath through your mouth.

The time to do this is 3-31 minutes. You will get very, very connected and transformed when you’re done.

One more thing; write a poem—one of your desire and then dance with the Divine. Make it long. Make it short. Make it delicious. Read Rumi, Kabir, Hafiz, and Mary Oliver. All will take you into that Divine connection. Remember, purple is the cloak of the Divine, above all the other chakras. Bathe in it. Roll in it. Utilize it with the Crown Chakra. Wahe Guru love to you.


Deep Love and Divine Blessings,

Gurutej Khalsa

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