Ready? The word is… Power. Think of all the negatives and positives you have attached to that word. Power over… Power at the cost of… Power to help or crush… Power to kill or love… I want to suggest you make a list of your positive/negative power associations.
This is just to get your started.  I trust you will have many more than 3, delve deeply.
“Empowered” has much less attached aspects but has more uncertainty as to what that really means and how to get there. What does that mean to you?
Step #1 How do you get to that state?
Step #2 How do you stay empowered?
My love, if you don’t have an empowerment plan, then you will be swept and battered by the winds of change that appear at all our doors.
I think most of you know that I have been extremely challenged in more aspects of life than you could ever imagine. It’s what happens when you say, yes, to the Divine. Shall I share just list (a few) so you know I’m not just saying this randomly. Oh, and I do know everyone has challenges both large and small. I want to acknowledge this and to help you go from wherever you are to Empowered.
I was in an arranged marriage to a violent narcissist… (Stayed far too long because of my commitment to my teacher.)
Got to be a single mother…
(Relief and then overwhelm, working full time and teaching, and being a mother to teens.)
Lost the business I was part owner of…
Relationship with a deep soulmate ended…
Bought a property with someone I didn’t know was on medication and had obsessive/compulsive energy directed towards me…
(Had to sell.)
So, so much more, but not important. What is, is the fact that I am not lying on the ground in a puddle. Don’t you want to know what kept me going? What kept me empowered in the midst of this and so much more?
Watch this video, and please, do the meditation for longer than the few repetitions we get to do together.
Challenged to Empowered

To Your Empowerment My Love,


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