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Your Care and Feeding Manual.
Ancient Wisdom Made Easy

The EYE program …
Empower Your Essence
to See Deeply Into You And Your Life.

Do you want to feel lighter and younger?Would you like to laugh more, and have more energy?Do you remember what it felt like to walk with a spring in your step, enjoying the world, and its delights that were coming your way?

Then this is for you, you fabulous creature!

Are you tired of the way you feel?
Lacking energy and joy in your life?

Somewhere along the way, you got bogged down with stuff that doesn’t serve you. In your search for love, fun, status, security, beauty or protection, you lost your conenction to the real you.Why work so hard for what you have, even what you accomplish…just to collapse at day’s end under the weight of it all? You deserve more.There is a way out of this senseless rat race. You can tap into the joie de vivre you once had– and it’s so easy, anyone can do it!

It’s time to reward yourself and grab the divine gift of energy.


There’s so much of you that I admire, that I want to be not like you, but the unobstructed version of me. I see the possibility of strength, and love, and intelligence and femininity and vulnerability and inner freedom… and recognize them in me as well. While working with you, becoming the unfettered vastness that I am becomes not only a wish, but a reality. I am forever grateful.
With love,
Melanie Meurehg


Listen, I’d never tell you to get rid of all those commitments you genuinely love, and no, this is not about a cleanse, or a diet, or any kind of purging in your life.This is about ADDING energy back so you can fulfill your calling. It’s about stepping into that glorious being that you — and no one but you — were designed to be!And… (this is big) it’s about replacing activities, products and practices that are draining you. Substituting those energy suckers with foods, breathing exercises, information and inspiration that replenish you.Whether you are a busy parent, entrepreneur, businessperson or student, you are about to learn these 5000-year-old secrets…


I can’t wait to discover the woman I want to be and your videos and teachings have been AMAZINGLY INSIGHTFUL, FUN and INTERESTING.Thank you for your blessings, smiles, and kindness.
— Veejay Kaur 🙂


What is Kundalini and why do I teach it?

Ever since I was a little girl, I had the gift of seeing that all people and things are connected. If you change one thing, everything else changes too.Over the past 40 years, as one of just a handful of Master Kundalini practitioners, I’ve learned how to get results in my life right now — this very hour. The gift of Kundalini is how I get rid of funky feelings the moment they arise and allow me to move on very quickly, past pain, suffering and heartbreak. I’ve seen it work for everyone who practices it.It’s no mystery how this is done – just not widely known. And it happens in the blink of an eye.Forty-five years ago, Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini to the western world, beginning with the young people in America. Once practiced in secret and considered dangerous to teach “just anyone,” Kundalini transforms its practitioners with ridiculous, instant, radiant energy.

[ By the way, although many of these tools and techniques are rooted in yoga, you’ll never hear this stuff in the yoga class at the gym! It’s a shame, because healing is instantaneous. I wish everyone could know this. ]

My teacher advised me to carry on his mission teaching others – so my life’s mission has been showing people just like you how to easily break self-destructive habits and live in light, calm, and self-awareness for as long as you inhabit your beautiful body.

Are you ready to bring weightless, pure JOY to your days? Want to break old patterns once and for all, and discover new, intentional ways of eating, thinking, breathing, and living?

Now everything you really need is at hand.


Wow! Thank you so very much! I am thrilled that you are helping me be
healthier in a delicious way! Thank you for your generous gift…
XOXO I am so grateful for all the ways you bless my life.Thank you thank you,
Allana Pratt,
Intimacy Expert, TV and Radio Host


Empower Your Essence.


  • The original 187-Page eBook Get Your Essence Back with “Your Essence” Workbook. Take your time going through this rich resource again and again. Share it with your support partner as you go through the Nine Levels of Change that will lighten your load and deliver you to real freedom.
  • 6 hours with me on DVD, with exercises, yoga, breathing techniques that will amaze you for their instant results, foodie tips for conscious and elegant eating, and advice for just getting through the day. You will receive the entire video set!
  • MP3 weight loss hypnosis with Dr. AvaA surprise bonus track from the media therapist and “love guru” to the stars!
  • The “Get Your Essence Back” Tele-Summit: 5 Experts share their secrets for living life out loud, with joy. (NOTE: This is juicy! The women laugh and affirm each other with unedited stories and wisdom…no topic is off limits! 5 MP3 files filled with yummy tips plus a bonus MP3





BONUS 1: A truly one-of-a-kind cookbook with recipes of uncommon, and exotic flavors – but with easy-to-find ingredients! Interspersed with inspiration from yogic wisdom, to feed your body while supporting your health and spirit.

BONUS 2: Two radio guest feature recordings with more essence-building energy tips and a discussion about the connection between the moon and every woman’s eleven energy centers. Women who discover this for the first time are blown away by the profound sense this makes. You’ll see yourself in a whole new truth and light!

BONUS 3: Pernilla Lillarose’s ebook Allow Yourself To Be You, which delivers you to an understanding of the three ingredients deep inside your soul that gently disempower that “committee” of bad voices you’ve unintentionally assembled to keep you from your innermost joy. When I read it, I knew I had to share it with you…this quiet, but powerful little book is a gem.

BONUS 4: Marbeth Dunn gifts the universe with her 10 Simple Strategies for Creating Your Joy Filled Life. Who doesn’t want to feel joy every day we’re alive? Can it really be this simple to transform the difficult into the divine? You were made for joy – Marbeth show you how to instantly live in it.

BONUS 5: Allana Pratt’s audios for feeling sexy and luscious from the inside out – so that you can give from your overflow while everyone in your life plays along. This sexy mom knows how to attract quality men, nurture loving and joy-filled children, and create beauty with her simple, sexy joie de vivre!

BONUS 6: A free chapter from Dr. Ava’s NeuroLOVEology Book. Ever wonder about the brain chemicals that come into play during a relationship? Knowing what triggers their release is an important part of romance. Get in the mood for love easily with Dr. Ava’s insights.

BONUS 7: The Sexual Abuse “Tame Your Triggers” Blueprint by Esther Hatfield Miller. I invited my friend and “Whoopass healer” to share a tool that moves women “From Broken to Breakthrough.” She’s the master at helping women who have experienced sexual abuse or trauma to live a powerful, calm, and drama-free life. Imagine what her insights can do for you!

You can get the complete Empower
Your Essence Program and these 7 awesome
Bonuses for $697

But you have to get it quickly before this offer expires.

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Gurutej, whose Sikh name means “the one who brings you from darkness into light — at the speed of light,” shares her wisdom freely in workshops and with her clients through special, one-on-one sessions. She holds nothing back and is totally there for you, regardless of the direction the session takes you. Knowledgeable about both modern life and ancient practices, her flexibility meets you where you are.Unfortunately, one-on-one sessions are rare. Because of travel commitments and already-booked events, time is valuable!

But…Gurutej cleared some space just for you.

IMPORTANT: Gurutej only has a few spots immediately available for students who want to take advantage of this rare treat, so please act fast! Of course, if you don’t mind waiting a bit, you will NOT be turned away. Just know that you may have to linger awhile on Gurutej’s schedule.

Don’t miss this gift. You cannot access Gurutej any other way, except by making a personal appointment with her – at well over the price of this entire course!

I’m ready to bring lightness and joy back
into my life. Let’s get started!

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This July I did a video I borrowed from Amy – Mental Clarity. I ended up doing it every single day while I was back in NY visiting my mom…..and every day I did the video, I picked up a new client!
How wonderful and weird and perfect!
In gratitude and love,
Janet Sullivan Huoma LA


You are really an inspiring female role model and so is your site, and I love how you can incorporate the quick, easy exercises when one is feeling stuck. I am doing them all. It’s like dipping into a magic bag of goody tricks to make you feel WOW. I will always admire your energy. You do such amazing things in so little time. You’re truly The Energy Guru.




Truly “The Energy Guru”

Here’s the gorgeous irony: Instant energy and gratification is achieved using concrete tools, and practices that any beginner can do. Once you try it, you’ll spend a lifetime assimilating and mastering these simple practices—just for the pure pleasure of it.The effects last and build on each other. Layers of yummy practices reinforce lasting change. No diet or beauty product can ever deliver that!Now, I’m not going to say you’ll never find yourself staring into the refrigerator, or sauntering around the department store, or flirting with the wrong man, looking for comfort again, but now, you will have a strategy and a mode of thinking, feeling, assessing, and breathing that turns a fearful moment into one of joy and freedom. I know you will take it from there.

Why not you?

So let me ask you, what’s stopping you from attaining the lightness you so richly deserve? (At the end of all those excuses is where the change occurs… You are closer than you think.)

“Your love for all shines out so brightly and fills the space you are with such light and peace. I so appreciate your ability to step out of yourself and give to others unselfishly. On my journey to reach my fullest potential you have helped me see my fullest potential beyond the fears that stand in my way. I admire your dedication to bringing positive changes to the world and helping others live to their highest potential. This book is an extension of all that wisdom”
Marla Maples
actress & dedicated seeker


OK, let’s cut to the chase. Are you thinking this is a little too “woo woo” for you? People from all walks of life benefit from using these ancient principles…they fall outside the parameters of religion and faith…they are simply “Truths.”

It’s time.

Many people make this decision easily and quickly because they are ready.

You know if you’re ready because your heart is lifting a little right now (or maybe it’s beating a little harder), imagining the yoke being lifted…

This is your birthright.
Don’t let another day go by without claiming it.


It is a daily part of my am. sadhana practice, and my partner, teenage son, and dog all know that it is as well.This practicing with Gurutej Kaur has afforded me- peace and clarity.. whether it’s for 15 minutes or for the full DVD…it assists me in my day- counseling. This practice that Gurutej teaches gives me a meditative feeling and it is very user friendly. There is nothing like starting my day with yoga, a practice I recommend often to friends and clients and Gurutej’s DVDs are the ones I always guide them towards.
– Jules Cohen, MSW


Becoming a mother, even for the second time can be an overwhelming change. Post- natal yoga with Gurutej was not only good for my body, (shoulders up around my ears and tension in every limb), but for my soul.
Thank you Gurutej.
Roxanne Beckford Hope of One Hot Mama.com.



*** A personal note from Gurutej
Let me reassure you that this course is 100% guaranteed by me
, personally. If you are not satisfied with the program at any time within 30 days, I will refund your money. No issue and no questions asked.

I offer this guarantee because I believe with all my heart in the power of these enlightening tools to transform lives and make Heaven on Earth…and I’m certain Your life will change when you access them.

You already know this, but you may have forgotten:

  • This life was not meant to be grueling, although there are many challenges. How do you find the joy inside the challenge? It’s the seed inside the coating. It was meant to be joyous. You are not here to suffer.
  • Joy belongs in your life and you can easily bring it back in ultra-specific and simple ways. Make space for it, de-clutter, and enlarge your grace.
  • Recognize everyday miracles and take pleasure from others’ miracles…it’s the key to relaxing into your essence.
  • Embrace the magic, the majesty, the beauty, and the mystery in the world, and you will change your state of mind, your nervous and immune systems, and your essence and mental state. You can even change the world…
  • This is the last piece of the puzzle. Human sustainability. That’s really what we’re here for.

I share these lessons in order to deliver people unto themselves. Getting back to your essence is intrinsic to being joyous, clear, intuitive, connected, whole, holy and healthy. Do you hear the call?


YES, Gurutej, I’m ready to begin a new
journey…and get back to my essence today!

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