The Moon She Rocks You

The Moon She Rocks You

Revealing the secrets of a woman’s inner emotions

Get Released from emotional domination and start mastering them. Utilize these Proven Success Techniques, and Strategies to Claim your life gifts encoded here.


You will receive:

Moon Center Truths for Women:

  • 9 Hrs of DVDs (Value: $497)
  • 6 hrs of DVD for women
  • Wisdom to Reality – Helps you Activate Your Wisdom in daily life
  • Informed to Sensuous – Creates Awakened Dynamics & Habits.
  • Claiming Intuitive Connection – Links your Intuition to Actions
  • Compassion to Commitment – Unlocks Fear to Flow
  • Organized to Divine – Gives Understanding of earth/ether connection
  • Social to Spiritual – Revealing the Spiritual Warrioress in you

Moon Center Secrets for Men:

  • 3 Hrs of DVD for Men
  • How knowing what Moon Center she is in can help you.
  • Giving you tips on what to do and what not to do in several of the Centers.
  • How your life can have more love and less drama by knowing these secrets

Core Benefits

  • Transcripts of the DVDs (value: $97)
  • Workbook to support your going through each Center. (Value: $47)
  • Ebook version of The Moon She Rocks you (Value: $9.95)

Bonuses Just For Fast Action takers:

Bonus: a never been released Cookbook to support your health (Value: $19.95)

Bonus: 6 Mp3s of my book, The Moon She Rocks You. (Never before offered! Value:$24.95)

Fast Action Scholarship

Price $297 all bonuses included.

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