The 13th Month

Everyone Wants More…

Time is the one gift everyone gets. Unlike looks, money, relationships, or health, the ONE irreplaceable and constant commodity in life on earth is TIME, dripped out in equal amounts called seconds, days, months, seasons, and years…

So what if you could have more of it?
Even better, what if you had the energy to enjoy it?

That’s the offer — a month more time every year in exchange for twenty minutes a day. Do the math – it’s a true win! Here’s how to get your free month.

Can anyone live life with gusto – and far less sleep than you ever thought you needed? Why should you instantly jump at this gift of extra time?

  • Have you ever run out of energy before the days end?
  • Have you ever felt cranky and impatient?
  • Have you wondered why children have all the energy? And why do they really need all that energy?
  • Have you wished for more time to do some of the things you want or even need to do?
  • Have you ever felt like you just can’t get up in the morning?
  • Have you wished you had a cook?

Well I can’t promise you a cook, but I can promise you the simple recipe for harnessing both the time and energy you so desire.

Is this just a play on words, or do you really get extra hours in your day?

Just ask ten well-known, high-energy, busy people who seem to have “a gift” of more time and energy than others. They traded in the stress of living in today’s fast-paced, time-consuming, digital, stressed-out daily grind! And they did it without hiking to the top of the nearest mountaintop and unplugging for months at a time.

Here’s how you, too, can integrate ancient, energy-infusing wisdom practical tools into your life. <link>

Gurutej – the 66-year-old roller skating, cartwheeling guru – shares the secrets, without sugar-coating the truth about our crazy, time-sucking lifestyles.

It’s as simple as what you see, what you breathe, what you smell, what you drink… and every single one of these priceless gifts is FREE, or cost merely pennies!

It’s no miracle;
just fast, fun, lighthearted, easy-access practices and products you can get your hands on right now.
Say “No more!” and take back the time you were given to enjoy more ease, clarity and flow in life.

Want the “unfair advantage” of 29 more energy-filled days every year? Learn more.

Welcome to The 13th Month

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