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Ever feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster?

Would you like to be able to predict your emotions before you plan your month?

Do you ever wonder why some days you feel empowered to fly, while the next day you drop like a rock?


You know how it is. One day you’re a fearless superstar, the next you just want to curl up in a cocoon of safety. One day you’re warm, loving and content, the next you’re prickly as a cactus. Don’t touch! Every couple of days you veer in a different direction. It’s so exhausting!


Most women go their entire lives without understanding why they do what they do, and feel what they feel. We perplex the men in our lives. Even other women get tired of our ever-changing moods!



– GUYS – Don’t walk away just yet. It’d be a big mistake to miss this because it’s going to make you a man among men, once you get “The Handbook” to women’s ever-changing emotions. (Imagine knowing what your woman is feeling even before she does, and knowing exactly which card to play!) We’ll talk about that in a minute…

Now, women, what if you could harness your natural power on any given day? Imagine what you could accomplish if you had control over the many beautiful facets of your personality, instead of being blindsided by them? Your influence and ability to connect with yourself and others would flat out amaze you.

You’re about to discover a rare Kundalini secret system for understanding the human woman. It comes from the moon and it rules your world, whether you’re aware of it or not…

The moon, she rocks you.


You probably already know the moon’s close connection with women. The moon’s cycle of waxing and waning coincides with the tides and the natural rhythms of the human body.

Earth’s moon has an unusually powerful, almost magical affect on women. Just like a lot of woman have that effect on the men in their lives. You’ve heard the expression “Happy wife, happy life?” Well, you are about to learn how this can be you!

Residing in eleven different physical places in the woman’s body, these centers are more than just symbolic. They are sensitive and powerful areas that embody highly charged emotional expression.


Like the moon, women naturally move through eleven different phases over the course of 28 days. You are in a different moon phase every 2.5 days. Your personality, your strengths, your desires and your moods go along for this marvelous ride.

For example, did you ever want to know why some days a kiss on the neck sends you swooning, while other days only a two-dozen bouquet of roses will do? Or why one weekend you want to flirt with any man that moves, while the next weekend you just want to chill with your closest girlfriends? It’s all in your moon centers.

“Gurutej Kaur is a true gift to the yoga world, she is able to communicate the living ancient wisdom of Kundalini yoga through her natural and practical teaching on the Moon Centers, which vibrates with flowing consciousness. Gurutej awakens through her love on sharing the secrets of women from within, and her teachings in her book will resonate with women and men at all levels of experience on the spiritual path.”

Devi Kirn Kaur, international yoga teacher and co-founder of Lisa’s Yoga


Just imagine what your man could do with this insight!

What’s more, you follow a unique pattern that you can track and come to expect every single month. Women who know this virtually eliminate the frustration of feeling they are at the mercy of their whims.

Would you like to be able to predict which days you’ll feel eloquent and vivacious, which days you’re most in tune with your values, which days you’re a complete romantic and open to beauty…

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Would you like to know:

  • What energizing foods you should be consuming on days when you call a business meeting
  • Breathing exercises to power you up to tackle new projects?
  • Ways to divert yourself when you’re using your moon center‘s power in a negative way?
  • Which are the best days to invite love and intimacy into your life?

I know what you’re thinking… How is it possible to predict that?


Just by understanding each of the eleven moon centers in your body and monitoring the shifts in yourself over a couple of months, you’ll soon possess a chart for success in all areas of your life: work, family, love, society, friendship, goal-setting, health and dreams.

The Eleven Moon Centers each rule a different aspect of your personality and emotions. Every woman has each of these qualities in varying capacities and at different times of each month.

Once you start paying attention, you’ll notice your unique pattern. In fact, you’ll be astounded how constant your mood patterns are from month to month:


Hairline: Visions
Eyebrows: Healing Dreams
Cheeks: Promotion Queen
Lips: Talkative
Earlobes: The Meaning of Life
Nape of Neck: Romantic Voice
Nipples: Compassion
Belly Button: Physical Energy
Inner Thighs: Highly Organized
Clitoris: Social Butterfly
Membranes of the Vagina: Connective Energy

I just wana say, you are really inspiring female role model and so is your site, and I love how you can incorporate the quick easy exercises when one is feeling stuck. I am doing them all. It’s like dipping into a magic bag of goody tricks to make you feel WOW.

I can’t wait to discover and be the woman I want to be and your videos and teachings have been AMAZINGLY INSIGHTFUL, FUN, and INTERESTING.
May Vaheguru keep on blessing you with the work your doing.

Thankyou for your blessings.
Smiles and kindness
Veejay Kaur 🙂


Is this for you?

Women…If you ever wished for a tool that virtually guarantees you’re living in harmony with yourself, your partner, other important people in your life and the universe, then this is for you.

If you want a true and accurate assessment of your emotional monthly journey, this is for you.

If your wacky moods are pushing you off course and derailing your goals and intentions – even affecting your work and relationships, this is definitely for you.

Men…want more love and less drama in your life? If you’ve ever wanted a secret code to understand women, this is it!

Here we go…I’m revealing the secrets of a woman’s inner emotions, handed directly to me by my spiritual teacher Yogi Bhajan.


Ready to be ROCKED by this ancient wisdom?
Yes, give me access!

Unlock the Moon Center Secrets…here’s what’s included:

1. 9 Hours of DVDs (Value: $497) Exercises and breathing techniques and just plain old practical advice specifically paired with each of the eleven moon centers for maximum happiness and effectiveness as you pass through each center.

2. The Book The Moon She Rocks You, Revealing the Secrets of Women’s Inner Emotions The 194-page book that started it all, written by Gurutej Kaur.

Moon Center Truths For Women:

3. 6 Hours of DVDs for Women I’m talking directly to you, sister to sister. Ancient communities valued these relationships between women because they passed valuable insights between each other. The bonds were critical to happy, healthy communities. Let’s continue that tradition in the 21st century!

  • Wisdom to Reality – Helps you Activate Your Wisdom in daily life
  • Informed to Sensuous – Creates Awakened Dynamics & Habits.
  • Claiming Intuitive Connection – Links your Intuition to Actions
  • Compassion to Commitment – Unlocks Fear to Flow
  • Organized to Divine – Gives Understanding of earth/ether connection
  • Social to Spiritual – Revealing the Spiritual Warrioress in you

Moon Center Truths For Men:

1. 3 Hours of DVDs for Men

2. The Seminar Transcript for Men

3. The e-Book Men Understanding Women’s Moon Centers, The Secret to Woman and Her Changing Essence

  • How to know what Moon Center she’s in can help you with a more relaxed, fun, warm partner (or sister, mother, or boss)
  • What to do and what not to do in several of the Centers.
  • How your life can have more love and less drama by knowing these secrets

On top of that, you’ll get

  1. Transcripts of all DVDs. (value: $97)
  2. The workbook to support you through each Moon Center. (Value: $47)
  3. EBook version of The Moon She Rocks You. (Value: $9.95)

It’s all included in one easy-access online passport. You get all of these materials right now for just $697. And if you’re ready to get started right away, we’re sweetening the pot…

Two Bonuses Just For Fast Action Takers:

Bonus One: A newly-released cookbook($19.95)

Bonus Two: The audio recording of The Moon She Rocks You, never- before offered. You’ll get six mp3s to save to your phone or computer.


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Gurutej’s The Moon She Rocks You is an incredible journey to self awareness. No where can you find the guidance and intimate knowledge of the body and it’s moon centers as they relate to everyday emotions than in this book. There are so many morsels of wisdom that can help us all become more aquatinted with our true essence.

Love love love it,
Emily Kaplan



Get the whole series now and take flight with this knowledge about women. It could be smooth sailing from now on, instead of the stormy seas you’re used to, that are literally making you sick!

Men and women, your understanding of women will enlighten you and shock your friends. You have nothing to lose!


I have wanted to write to you for so very long, I am so very moved by your work. I am a 51 year old Pisces woman your women’s moon work launch was on my birthday service. You are such an inspiration to me; your work has such powerful & positive & uplifting affect to and for the world. We so need it during these challenging times. I just wanted to let you know the tremendous impact for good you wield, and how very much it matters, and is appreciated.

Love & Namaste,

My Guarantee


***A personal note from Gurutej: Let me reassure you that this course is 100% guaranteed by me, personally. If you are not satisfied with the program at any time within 30 days, I will refund your money. No issue and no questions asked.

I offer this guarantee because I believe with all my heart in the power of these enlightening tools to transform lives and make Heaven on Earth…and I’m certain your life will change when you access them.


Access The Moon Center materials,
plus the three bonus gifts now.

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