Don’t we love the cycles we love and the ones we don’t … grrrr? We wish we could make the yummy ones last forever and the challenging ones vanish at our command. Yet we all know in some often hidden part of our being that when we are in a challenged place it will end and something not quite as challenging or more challenging or blissful will follow. Nothing is permanent.

Some cycles seem to last for a lifetime but in all infinity that is a nimic, a fraction of a second. The real question is how can we use cycles while inside of them as opposed to feeling whipped around by them? Claiming what we can learn from inside these cycles. That only happens when we relax and open instead of resisting them. The old saying of what we resist persists is Oh, so true.

We, Keith and I, were talking about the lives of Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry and what they played out. Their amazing lives and all their convoluted desires and lust. I have no problems with lust and desire. We need a lust for life or life is dry and tasteless like sawdust. We need to know the desire that is running our life and the one we want to be running our lives. Do you know that?

1.What desire is currently running your life? Take a moment or a lifetime and answer that … keep answering it.

2. What desire would you like to be running your life? These are probably not the same often not even close.

Then please watch this video so we can connect more deeply.



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