Cycles happen in nature and they are also inherent in our nature as well. We often need to renew or adjust our cycles of relationships, working, playing, and praying. This meditation will release some of your burden from the past so your next cycle can be more connected, empowered and whole. So, stay tuned if you want that.

When I was given this meditation, oh, a long, long time ago in a land far, far away, I only knew a few things about it. It was to rebalance our brains by reconnecting new synaptic connections and helping create new patterns. That sounded really good since we had been raging hippies looking for our Divine Connections in, well, lots of wrong places, or at least not really effective places.

What I kept learning is that this little small meditation was listed among the top-10 most effective meditations of all time that Yogi Bhajan gave us. If you only know these 10 meditations, you don’t really need anything else. I will share two of these this month. Oh, but you do need to practice them daily, and not just for 3-5 minutes, but for 31 minutes at least to have them be truly effective, and did I already mention every day? If you are ready for that, then proceed.

I just had to share that today at the farmers market. I was standing in line for this bread. I didn’t even know if I really wanted it. I just needed to know what people stood in line for every Sunday morning. I didn’t bring my phone so it seemed a perfect time to stretch and do the “Ego Eradicator” and some twists. Then, I noticed the woman who was people in front of me doing what looked like Kirtan Kryia. So, I went up and asked her if she was doing that. She responded, “Yes I saw you stretching and doing some yoga and I thought, why am I just standing her doing nothing? So, I started doing Kirtan Kryia.” I said, “Great but you really want to put pressure on each finger not just touching them yes?” She said. “I didn’t know that. I will.”

Thus, my intro to Kirtan Kryia.

These are 5 of its super powers.

1.  Adjusts your brain. Used with PTSD and addiction studies now.

2.  It can break old, unwanted connections; old lovers and more.

3. It can tune up all the glands in your head: pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus, and thalamus glands.

4. Sat Nam reconnects you to your true identity.

5. Do it and figure out the rest of the gifts by having the priceless experience no one can take from you.

The times right now are soon challenging that we don’t just “get to.” We are being forced to reconnect to the only true thing… our essence—your essence.

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