What are you spending your precious time on? I am seeing so much time being spent on judging others and making comments on what others are doing and thinking and being without caring about that person.

Have we all become psychopaths? Where we can play out this behavior without caring about how this effects the other being? Truly nowhere. This is more than bullying. We have become the judge and jury and convict others before they ever get their FAIR trial if there is even to be one. It’s mob mentality. Do you really want to be part of a mob?

If yes then let’s create a Mob for Greatness.

Mob for Support

Mob for Mining Our Best

Mob for Joy… Don’t stop here. Add your MOB

Communities can be judgey with lots of rules. I get that too for I have built-in person communities and online ones. I want to invite you to be a discerning being, to be a calm, connected, loving being. This is what you would like more of in your life, yes? Then let’s build this amazing essence of you, yes?

How? One gorgeous step at a time. One conscious moment of knowing who you are and honoring that magnificent creation of the Divine so you can see that reflection in others.

We are deep complex beings with dark and light and sorta light and little dark places. What thrives is what is fed, supported, by you and who you hang out with. My mother had this saying, “Show me who you go with and I’ll tell you what you are.” I hated it but it was and is so true. Our communities matter.


Are you willing to be part of the solution, not the perpetrator of hate, and fear and separation of them and us? It’s all us. ALL US.

If we don’t like this state of consciousness, let’s build a more gracious, loving, calm reality.

Here is one easy thing you can do.


Meditation for Guidance

Begging bowl with little space between mercury fingers. Look at palms with eyes 1/10 open.

10-part inhale thinking “Wha”.  10-part exhale thinking “Guru”.


Another thing is being part of and connecting with the support you need right now.

What is that support and how can I support you better?

Let me know. Sign up for a FREE time together.

Get your time. It’s together that we thrive or die. Let’s thrive. Let’s be the light-bearer, not the dagger in the darkness, yes? If you are with me, sign up and let’s see what support you can use to be so.


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