First, want to share what this is and what this is not, yes!

It’s a deep dive so you can apply this sacred secret science to wake up truly important aspects of your life.



How they can awaken your:



Give you more Radiance




Sensory Systems


It is not just a going over of the moon centers. Great though that is, we will do that in the first week. It is a deep dive into how they can serve YOU.

The Moon Centers: What are they and why should you even care?

‘Cause they rule you. Yep, you either work with them or for them. Which are you choosing? Clue one works for you and one works against you.

I trust you know women are ruled by the moon, right, but did you know you have 11 moon centers that vibrate 11 very sensual areas of your being? They are given to you to activate your connection with your deeper intuition, your vast radiance, to feel truly healthy and balanced, your ability to feel connected, or get back to a connected state quickly and so much more.

It is my mission to help every woman, smart men, girls, and boys to understand these 11 moon centers and how they rule women like you and influence your harmony levels of your life.

We either know about them and use them or they friggen use us. What’s your choice?

This 6-week deep dive is to show you how they influence very truly important areas of your life AND how you can get to the empowered state of each one and collect the treasures of your life.

Yes, it is the treasure map to all that is you. If you know how to use this treasure map, know what you are looking for and how to find and use the treasures. You will have vast gains in so many areas of your life

So, go check it out.

Your physical health

Your emotional health

Your mental health

Your feeling of intimacy/connection

Your radiance/beauty

Your financial wellbeing


I have taught courses worldwide on the Moon Centers, yet I can’t open all these doors in 2-3 hrs.

Thus, I am inviting you into an intimate 6-week course with me on Zoom so we can see each other. I will share my in-depth knowledge and have Q and A that will utilize not only my wisdom but the wisdom of all who are present. Community.

You will get the MP4 afterwards to watch to your heart’s delight or in case you missed the call in the 1st week.

I could go on and on about this magical, mystical, and, until recently, secret sacred science, but I trust you will know this is for you AND for all you serve and will serve

Go check it out.


I say here is the place you get to say yes to you. Pssst, there is more info there too. This is the gift that keeps giving.

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