This is the Ahhh of the Moon Centers. They reveal how to either just let the crazies rain over you or use the tools for each center to adjust you back to your empowered, or even better, YOUR truly neutral state in the NOW.

This is why I love sharing this priceless information. It is so relevant and easy to use. It is the antidote. They say that within 6 feet of every poisonous plant it’s antidote resides. This rule is the same for an antidote for you when you feel crazy.

Oh lord, we all get crazy. It’s only how fast we get out of crazy that matters. How fast can you get out of that state and back to calm and connected?

That has to do with three things.

  1. Having the right tools
  2. Using the tools regularly so they are there when you need them. They are encoded in you.
  3. Having the support to get you connected and committed to using the great tools you have.

If you want the tools the moon centers can provide you to stay mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy, then this invitation is for you, my love.

That was to inspire you. Now ‘tis time for you to take action, dear one.

Go check it out.

Sometimes, you feel by watching these videos or getting the book that you have it all. You have a piece of it. I’m glad you might use it. But you don’t have the whole treasure chest.

If you want that, then say yes to you and all you care about. It will serve all.

Go check it out.

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