I wanted to share this with you because you are well. Read this. This is what I know you are.


And you

Who do you think you are?

Do you have any idea

of your true worth?

Not your bank account

but you

oh, priceless one?

Your worth

your intrinsic






the worth the Divine

assigned to you

The bounty that is on your head

that says wake the #@%$%$ up?

You, yes, you are priceless

I will wrestle anyone to the ground

and pull them apart limb by limb

who dares tell

you otherwise

oh, radiant one


So, what do you feel you deserve?


Not the guilt that haunts you nor the anxiety/depression (flipsides of each other) that chases you, not the doubt that you can do it, nor the _______________.


Till you are willing to look at what you really deserve, there is no desire that can be fulfilled.


I just want you to know that I am inviting you in…


to be loved, supported, and given tools that can help you with…









Only if you are ready for that level of support, and only if you are ready to say YES YES YES, connect. Otherwise just stay hovering where you are love.


Click here if you are ready for supported shift NOW.



Please don’t waste both of our time if you aren’t ready.


But if you are, come and be ready to be uplifted, to dance, to have hope, to, yes, be supported.

Here click here and let’s do it love.


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