Want your skinny back? Part #1

Many of us do. Fat just seems to creep on you in your least favorite spot. Is there a favorite spot? Let’s be truthful have you ever said, “My fat landed just where I was hoping it would that is my favorite fat spot.” Didn’t think so me neither.

Lets uncreep the fat. Lets get that fat to crawl away in shame. We are funny we hate receding hairlines but receding waistlines Bravo!

Before you go on this adventure to get your skinny back you need some fortifications to take with you. No it is not food but it is good for you and has Zero calories.

What is the first component? You must yes, you must have an accountability person. This person must be:

1. A person who cares about you and gets you
2. They must not bend to your diatribes, your moods or any other such assaults.
3. They must have a sense of humor so they can cajole or tease you

Choose this person with great thought and intuition. You will need this person to commit to be “Your Person” for, are you ready for this?
120 days. That is four months. That is how long it takes to break, start and create a new habit. So yes you need the person for that long. They can still do there day job at least part time. Just kidding. You are not their project you are their inspiration.

That is the other gear you need to pack, your courage. You will need to go grab it from whatever corner it is hiding in and jump into it. Really you are going to inspire and give hope to many so see if you can sit with yourself and get ready for this journey as if you were going over seas. You will be.

Do this- it is great for releasing fear:
Put on some Mozart or chanting music and then inhale in a whistle and exhale in a whistle. If you can’t whistle get lessons but for now make an “O” out of your mouth and Inhale slowly through the “O” and Exhale slowly the same way. It will calm the nerves.

Then try this Meditation for when you don’t know what to do. It very easy and very complicated.

Sit in easy sitting pose or with spine straight on a chair
Next rest both hands palms up in your lap, let the right hand hold the left with fingers pointing away from the body at angles, the right thumb crosses over the left thumb.

Breath: Inhale slowly through the mouth and exhale slowly through the mouth.
Inhale nose and exhale nose
Inhale mouth and exhale nose
Inhale Nose and exhale mouth then repeat for minimum 3 minutes 11 minutes being best.

Then contact me and let me know who your person is and what you have done with this meditation.

We are getting prepared for this journey. Are you coming?


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