Do you want your Skinny back? #2

I am assuming that you have “your person” by today and are ready to proceed. What do you need to do with “your person”? You need to make the commitment to them that you will follow this program for the total 120 days and you want then to hold you to that no matter how you squirm and squeal.

The meditations I gave in session #1 are to be done as followed. You are following me right?
1. The When you don’t know what to do should be done every morning or every nite pick either and then do it at that time for the entire duration. No bouncing back and forth like a ping-pong ball. Hmmm that is exercise. That bouncing is a brain, your brain trying to get out from under perceived restrictions. Great news it is not a restriction is it an amazing commitment that you have made to the skinny you, the bright you, the energetic you.

2.The other: Whistle or “O” breath is to be done during the day when you are feeling challenged, unsure, anxious, fearful whatever word you choose to apply to those !@#$%

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