Courage, wow, that is the stuff you are made of plus the juicy steel part. As I put the subject copy in I had to change the order. I had Heal Disease, Embrace Courage but realized it was the other way round. I bow to listening.

Right now the world and I’m sure many other aspects of your life is in your face. If we thought things couldn’t get any faster or more hectic, or crazed or colliding explosive ideas of how things should be then welcome to this corridor where we get squeezed as we go into the Aquarian age.

Dis-ease literally means our lack of ease has popped up somewhere in our physical, or mental or emotional, or soul body. It is asking us to pay the #$^^%& attention. Every day in every way I am more……. Fill in your blank.

If you don’t love what you are filling in your blanks with, please for God’s sake for your sake change the word, the thought, the…..Your filler counts.

Trust me I have been getting so many people with such addictions whether it’s to drugs and I mean DRUGS, or miserable abusive marriages, or jobs they HATE, or entities running their lives.

I’m begging you listen to this line I read in the Siri Guru Granth today. “ I am at ease for I have realized that everywhere I go YOU are there.” So simple as truth is. Once you get this there is nothing else to get. Literally nothing. So sit with this beautiful realization and make it your own. Lay down your dis ease embrace the ease. You can always pick it back up if you must. It will be awaiting you if you call it back hopefully you won’t feel that need.

Watch this video and do this meditation if you are ready my love.

Love to you Wahe Guru,


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