Energy Art by Gurutej

Energy Art by Gurutej


One of a kind

Energy Art

These artworks were given as assignments in Meditations. They are for transformation, to energize you, and give you hope whenever you look into or at it. I have been consciously doing visual art since my teens, working in different modalities. Sometimes flowers, dried, pressed, and live. I studied art in college and then modeled art classes to understand both sides. I studied sumi-e (black ink wash painting), watercolor, and collage art for years with Ande Chen in Los Angeles. These are all original pieces of art created by me, Gurutej, these are not a Giclee, reproduction or print. We always think we are all going to be HERE forever. Here are a few of the series that have been created:

The Heart Series

The Heart Series (sumi-e ink painting): When I was given this assignment called “Draw the Heart,” I took it literally and just set it aside till I got another nudge. “Paint the 2 lines of the heart,” I was told. Oh, I can do that, I thought, so I just kept painting variations and had no idea what was evolving till each one told me who and what they were and they named themselves. Go take a look. Funny story about my sumi-e is I loved it and painted in all white clothes much to my teacher’s horror. She kept telling me it was unforgiving and it was. But for some reason, the ink wasn’t attracted to my clothes. Blessed! Looking back, after years of taking Ande’s classes, I saw that my first year wasn’t bad, but my second year horrid. Lucky my third was good. Why? In the first year, I didn’t know what I was doing but loved the feel of the brush movement of sumi-e. You couldn’t stop it as it was one unforgiving motion once the brush kissed the paper. The second year, Lordy, I was so in over my head it was so stunted. I wanted it to be right, ha! The third year, my heart (again) got to rule and that was when I got the heart assignment. I trust they will speak to you as they did to me. All these pieces are 11*15 “ Black Ink on heavy water color paper Each one is a different aspect of the heart see list below

WE BE ME Series

The Connection of You, Me and Beingness

What do you see?

The Pecan Stick Series

Creating Beauty With Ink and Pecan Sticks

Inspired by artist Judy Andrews

The Owl Series

They are a powerful animal...