A student recently said to me, “I just can’t get rid of this one habit that is really dragging my energy down. What can I do?”

Have you ever felt like that? You know this habit we call a bad habit you have that isn’t working, probably hasn’t worked for some time now, and yet….. You just can’t seem to drop it or even move away from it.

It seems to own you. You have tried different ways, and they haven’t worked, so you get frustrated and have decided to hell with it. I guess it’s mine. Darn.

This makes you feel defeated.

Angry at yourself that you can’t DO IT.

Feel less than, which creates self-doubt.

You wonder how you can contribute to others when you can’t even help yourself.

So self-deflating, and in these times, who needs more of that hopeless feeling, right?


I know you are intelligent and know that support + great tools + community is often the key to having success with something, really almost anything.

I don’t want you to be owned by a habit that no longer serves you. How about you?

Do you want that for you too, love?

Are you ready to feel more awakened and more alive?


Awakened Energy means you have the Energy and desire (are willing) to look at what is not serving you and know that you are ready to drop this bad relationship.

It means you are ready for the support it takes to look into the heart of the habit that is stealing your Energy, and your life and say bye-bye.

If any of this speaks to your knowledge that you are ready to truly value your real values and your energized life, then take this moment to check out my program that is launching in a couple of weeks on September 14th and say yes. You will get a $200 discount with this code yesenergy2022 when checking out if you register by Sept 9th.

Go here, love.

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