Wk 21 June 22 Call with Lisa Rurechk MP3 #2 interview With Gurutej and Allana Pratt from Get your Skinny Back.This one is Juicy and Sexy. Priceless tools and tips

Step Into Your Power and be a Brave, Bold, YOU

Stop chasing after someone else’s dream. Stop following the societal yellow brick road. Be You, YOUR way!

You will walk away with quick takeaways that are easy to implement immediately. You will learn…

  • How using your ‘unique blend of ingredients’ to live life your way will bring you continued joy & happiness.
  • The SIX KEY ELEMENTS that everyone needs as the foundation for empowered success
  • What high empowered individuals do differently that helps them consistently stand in their strength and confidence
    • When we ignore expectations and follow our own ‘mix of ingredients’, life gets a whole heck of a lot easier.
    • Having FUN isn’t a luxury in life, it’s a requirement.
    • You are enamored with efficiency and am always looking for ways to make things simpler.
    • I love being “in the know” and a resource for everyone.