Wk 8 March 23rd Call with Elizabeth Naylor

Title: Living Healthy and Wisely

How to save money, select solutions that work, and live with energy & joy.

Are you suffering from annoying symptoms like low energy, poor sleep or digestive problems? Do you struggle with anxiety or sadness? Do headaches keep you sidelined from life? Are random symptoms like skin rashes, itchy ears or hot feet confusing you? Have you been from one doctor to another, seeking solutions only to be told you are just getting old? Do the solutions offered come with side effects you are not willing to tolerate?

Discover the three strategies to low-cost, high value health solutions:

  • What is the ONE critical place to start that most people completely ignore?
  • Discover how to think critically about choices so that you get more from your healthcare dollars.
  • Learn how to choose solutions that heal – that work – and how to never get confused again about your choices in care.
  • How to put all of this together so that it sticks for the long term – no fads allowed!