Ahh the balance bar of the year. One of them. Where the nite and day are in balance. The sun and Moon share the impact on us. The known and unknown are joined in graciousness to each other. This time is calling you into meditation, self reflection, self connection. Don’t let it pass you by. Claim it for it will sustain you deeply for the oncoming weeks, months and who knows how long.

We don’t know how deeply . This quote of Yogi Bhajan’s seemed very relevant. “You have wasted your energy on petty things. Cut out all that burns you out so that you light can keep burning forever.” If you want to burn forever than you need to take time to dive into the essence of the universe for that is where true rejuvenation happens. That is where the light gets recharged for it is the source of all light, The Tej .

There are no better days or time periods to do this than the four pillars of our planet. The two Solstices and the two Equinoxes. So The fall Equinox is knocking at your door. Begging you to open up to the advantageous situation that awaits you. It’s like a huge stack of gifts sitting at your front door and you choosing to go round back cause the door is blocked. Pick up the gifts and open them. Open yourself up and see the gift that you are.

You cannot be in touch with your gifts if you don’t spread them around. You can’t acknowledge your gifts if you never look at them. You can never truly use your gifts if you don’t honor them. In order to honor them you need to see them, appreciate them, link them together, only then can you use them. Let them come to life. Put the strings of your awareness on them and let them create the play of your life. Apply the honor of your respect for them and then they will want to come forth. Without respect we all cringe away. Your gifts are not different. View them with kindness and wonder.

Use this precious time and please connect with me about your plans. I will be on flight from Toronto to London so I will have many hours to meditate. I intend to do so. Connect with me. Blessed Autumnal Equinox

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