Dear {!firstname},

I have been on a 7 cities in 8 weeks tour. I love travel but this
was even a bit much for me. My last one was with my grand kids and
it was perfect. No computer, no meetings except in the garden or at
the lake throwing rocks, no phone calls except on ones made by Matel
It was so nourishing that I came back ready for all the changes.
Redesigning my sites and much much more so take advantage of
my offers now before they change.

What a whirl wind life right so how to get truly deeply attractive
so we can reverse our desire and deserving connection. We all want
to desire and have it appear. What my teacher always said was
“Deserve then deisre.” What does that mean exactly? That your
deservingness needs to be way way elevated. How?

Meditating more. Eating less, Sleeping when needed. Being around
People who are uplifting, successful in all realms. Become those

How can that happen? I am greatful to say that I have somethings
that will help elevate your frequency so you will become very
attractive to your desires as long as they are at the frequency of
you. Meaning you can’t hope for gold when you are a puaper because
there is a pauper mind and soul set that has to be shifted.

Yogi Bhajan helped me pick topics to serve the people in these times
and even decided the content for my DVD’s. so
please allow the support you need now.

My flip charts are like your daily angles to be carried around with
you and put on your desk to remind you to breath and energize you
in the moment. instead of waiting till you are

Please help youself and share these great inexpensive tools with
others. The blessings will come back to you.


PS Remember to really get the desire you have to feed the deserve.
Feed you the meditation preserves. Yummmm

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