How Meditation Pillows Use Color and Aromatherapy to Release Stress

Color and aroma therapy are both used against stress. When used together with meditation pillows like the Chakra Pillow, they become two very powerful ways of reducing stress.

Color, Meditation and Chakra Pillows

Color is our eye candy. Great, deep, rich colors allow us to almost feel their texture. Think of your favorite painting or photograph. It is the visuals which are the most tuned into color, with each of us being visual in some part of our brain. Color impacts us all on deep known and unknown levels—which is what makes advertising so effective.

Color is so rich, juicy, and simple. Think about it in your own life. At different times, you want to wear different colors, have different-colored jewelry, bed spreads, furniture and cars. I’m just going to stick with red as an example. Red makes you feel frisky and wanting to dance or grounded and happy to be so. Red is active and moving, so red walls are great in your dining room for digestion but not good for inducing deep sleep. At other times, red is just loud and obnoxious—but it is simply your reaction to the color.

I’m willing to bet, unless you have an all-white house, that the colors you have in your bedroom are not the same as those in your kitchen. I’ll bet it’s the same situation in your office. Each color offers its own unique gifts to you. Sometimes, you’re attracted to one; at other times repelled. Sometimes, you just don’t notice color. I want you to stop for a moment and ask yourself what colors you’d ask yourself what colors are re really attracted to right now. This could be telling you a lot about what you need at the moment. We often crave that which we need and the same dynamics are at play in choosing the best meditation pillows for your needs.

There are many kinds of meditation pillows. I call mine Chakra Pillows and they are of different colors and scents. You can Meditation Pillows and what each unique color offers you. There will be more on each color as you click on each Chakra Pillow so you can be the judge of what you need right now.

Aromatherapy, Meditation and Chakra Pillows

This is the use of herbs, spices or essential oils in distilled form and flowers in the activation of your senses. They are used to soothe, even heal, parts of the body or the mind. Aromatherapy was popular in ancient Egypt where scent was used in everything. It is said that Mark Anthony knew Cleopatra was near because she always used essential oils as perfume and even used it on the sails of her ships. Archaeologists have also discovered evidence that the ancient Eqyptians and Greeks used scents for medicinal purposes.

The Inner Workings of Aromatherapy

Our sense of smell is closely linked with some very primitive and very important parts of the brain, mainly the limbic system. The limbic system, which allows us to detect some 10,000 different aromas, is also the part of the brain that controls emotions, moods, memory, and learning.

Doctors have found that loss of smell in people can develop psychological problems.

How Can Aromatherapy with Meditation Help You?

Many studies have proven that specific aromas affect us in specific ways. For example, citrus is known to uplift us. Think about it. Peel an orange and the smell that comes out is bright and alive. Depression tends to leave or lessen when you breathe the fragrance in, especially when that is the specific gift of the herb or oil used in a meditation pillows. The Blue Chakra/Meditation Pillow contains orange peel and eucalyptus which relieves mucous in the lungs, throat and head. Mucous is often a sign of too much stress on the nervous system. Lavender, on the other hand, triggers more alpha brain waves, lulling us to sleep—or possibly banishing those stress-related feelings. Go to each Chakra/Meditation Pillow page to find the aromatherapy gift of each one.

You can use aromatherapy with meditation pillows to relieve stress and the symptoms of stress, including high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. There are so many ways to use these pillows but sleeping with them is an easy way to utilize the gifts of aromatherapy and color therapy. Children just love, love, love them. They also help them to sleep more easily. You can use them heated or cold; over your eyes of under your neck. Their aromas will envelope you.

Your skin is the most porous part of your body and colors will also penetrate you through the skin. Your frontal bone it is the most porous bone in the body. It needs to take in light to stimulate the pituitary gland, which is the master gland that needs light to function and stimulate the other glands. So, utilize your pillows for the benefits of color and aroma therapy.

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