Use the AgonyHow to Use Agony

In my meditation this morning, I realized that agony is a catalyst and it can turn us into, oh, so many things. It can:

  1. Make us lash out
  2. Make us run away, or hide, or do bad things to ourselves
  3. Make us bitter
  4. Make us hopeless

Or it can:

  1. Blow us open
  2. Connect us to everything
  3. Make us compassionate for all who have gone this road before (which is everyone)
  4. Let us say Wahe Guru, Yes, or Hallelujah and make us realize that all agony is followed by Bliss

If you are not experiencing agony right now, great. But it will come visit you again, so please keep reading.

We all want to avoid agony and we have many assorted ways of doing so. Some ways are more socially and huemanly acceptable than others. Need I delve into the trying to escape agony with..? Make your own list. I have no desire to preach the pros and cons of addictions. I want you to look under the rock of your agony and see what the real cause of this agony is. Is it something from childhood that we have kept going throughout our lives by holding it captive and creating habits around it to protect us? We have been carrying the components of agony around with us and then some situation or person lights the fuse and there we are on the proverbial floor, writhing. Do this little and powerful meditation and then we will look in the closets of your being. I’m sharing this one because it will clear you head when you feel like blowing your brains out when you feel hopeless.

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