Day 1 I Am Empowered

Welcome to I Am Empowered Day #1

Use this meditation to activate desire. I am that I am. This will allow you to connect to your I amness and The I amness.


Sit with your left hand facing palm out towards the right side of your body in front of your heart and place the right hand rt. palm facing lft. but the fingers of the right hand touch the center or heart part of the left hand.
Then chant I am I am Here are some of my favorite chanters for this mantra which you can get from Spirit Voyage or Itunes.

Sat Kartar for energetic.
Narinjan for calm and deep.
Gurunam or Dr Levry has two versions one with the prayer of light one Just “I am” both great.
Mirabhea also has one.

Desire is the igniter of your passion if well directed. Sit with it, in it, listen and it will reveal your true depth.

Bless you and your deepest desires,