Day 2 I Am Empowered

Welcome to I Am Empowered Day #2

Use this meditation to activate support. I am Supported.


4Part Breath – 4 part breath is amazingly simple and hard. breath in and exhale in 4 parts But I want you to start your breath at your pubic bone and take it in 4 equal parts and keep your chest relaxed, Allow your shoulders to stay relaxed. Then exhale from the chest to the pubic bone in 4 equal parts.

Sit in a relaxed pose. When you make friends with this you can do it while walkin but for now sit for 90sec to 3 min and just to this. It will show you how well you breath. Your breath is your food.

Speak of how supported you are often and write about the support you have had already and what you would love to draw towards you. Write it down. Do it right here use a pretty pen or crayons or colored pens make it fun. Support comes easily to those who are yummy.

To your love and support